mistress tarot

Mistress tarot can add some mysterious fun to your femdom session. 1-800-601-6975

Last Saturday, I hosted a radio show, in conjunction with the cock radio marathon. And I mentioned that I have – over the course of the past two years or so – gotten into giving tarot readings. Mostly for myself at first, but recently I started doing readings for other people and I find that I enjoy it immensely! So get ready for Mistress Tarot!

Mistress Tarot

From a spiritual aspect, I find that the cards pretty much work off the energy of the person getting the reading, and the energy of the person handling the cards. Sometimes the cards can be painfully blunt, other times very vague. But the main thing is that the message they give is exactly the one you need to receive at the time and you must be receptive to it. If you’re spiritually inclined, working with runes and divination can also teach you a lot about yourself, and assist you in aligning with the spirit world. Having a witchy oracle lead you down the path helps too!

Femdom Tarot

I do get requests for blasphemy phone sex, and roleplays involving the occult. Tarot cards are awesome fun to implement into a session. Wanna know what the cards have to say about whether or not you get to cum today? Hahahahaha! Or maybe you meet Madame Brighton, because you want to know if your size queen wife is cheating on you with another well endowed man. I’m totally open to adding tarot to a session, or really any other nutty twisted thing you can come up with. So call me! 1-800-601-6975 just ask for Brighton, and lets see what your fate is!

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