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June Shenanigans – Mistress Brighton Celebrates Her Two Year LDW Anniversary

sensual femdom phonesex

It’s Miss Brighton’s two year anniversary! 1-800-601-6975

Oh boy, oh boy! June is a very special and exciting month this year. Not only is it the first month of summer, but it’s also the month of my 2 year anniversary with LDW, and it’s my Rez Day! Being a phone sex femdom has been a fun journey, and an entertaining one.

What In The Blue Hell Is A Rez Day?

For those of you not familiar, a rez day is basically the equivalent of a birthday, on SL, ie: the day you signed up with a virtual world account. And my rez day is tomorrow, actually. Further on down the line on the 24th I will be celebrating my 2nd anniversary with LDW, and as always I am grateful to be here and happy that I can share my silliness and shenanigans with you all. In light of that, I do not have anything in particular planned as of yet, but I’m working on it!

Two Years In The LDW Experience And What That Means For You

Being a Mistress at LDW certainly has its perks, and one of my favorite perks is that you are constantly learning new things, here. I have had opportunities here that I can’t say I’ve had anywhere else, and that is what makes LDW unique. The other thing that makes LDW a winner, is that we take customer satisfaction seriously. We want you to be happy, and of course WE want to be happy, so we will do everything we can to make that happen.

Anniversary Month Specials

As a special thank you to my callers, I am offering a call special and giving away 10 free minutes to one lucky caller. Ladies choice, of course. 😉 In addition to giving out a free call, I am offering 5 free minutes to anyone who does a minimum 15 mins paid session with me. That means if you pay for 15 mins, you get 20 mins; if you pay for 20 mins you get 25, you get the idea. Everyone who calls me this month will also get a free “naughty” picture of me, and a free audio gift, as a thanks for being my customer and letting me fuck you with my strapon, type deal. Hahahahaha!

Gifting Miss Brighton

So here’s the deal. As you know gifts are not mandatory but they are appreciated. I accept gift cards from either gift rocket or amazon; any of my favorite stores really if they have a gc option; and you can also pick something off my amazon wishlist if you like. Additionally, I now have a “virtual” wishlist for items from the marketplace. That’s all for now, if you would like to help me celebrate two years of being a sensual femdom phonesex Mistress, give me a call at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.

Fuck You!


Mistress Brighton

P.S. The “fuck you” is an inside joke for Ms. Hunter. Hahahahahahahaha!


16 comments to June Shenanigans – Mistress Brighton Celebrates Her Two Year LDW Anniversary

  • Ms Brighton!
    Congratulations on two years with LDW! Being the newest at the Empire, it’s great to hear you are still having a blast! I look forward to similar!

    I’m also having a blast at Virtual World with you and the other Mistresses!

    Your promotions look so hot and I wish you many many more sexy years teasing those cocks! 💜💜

  • Ryan

    Makes 2 years in a row now that I’ve sort of expected to take June off only to get enticed by this anniversary offer. Would love to help you celebrate once again and since I’m in chastity this year, maybe I’ll take you up on that strap on offer. Possibly need some candles to celebrate an anniversary and I’m always up for a spanking. In other words, Ladies Choice and we can set up whatever you’d like soon.

  • Nacho

    You want us to be happy? I’m happy when faping? Wait. If you will try to make me happy, than that is permission. Fap fap fap fap

  • Congratulations Brighton! Working here has been such a pleasure. I’ve been here many years and I still enjoy it! And yes you sure do learn a lot by all the different guys you get to talk to and all of their fetishes. It is a lot of fun 🙂 Here’s to many more years of LDW – Mistress Cecilia

  • Goddess Brighton:

    May I say and wish you a happy, happy and fruitful anniversary with LDW. I so much enjoy you, you sexy vixen you, and my owner, “Empress Lilly”, playing with this little sissy slut in and out of Second Life. Please go easy on the other sissies you dominate and torture for I know from personal experience how sensual yet sadistic you can be, I Love It, …LOL.

    Submissive sissy slut,


    • Brighton

      Thank you, you dirty cum slut, I look forward to tag teaming you with Miss Lilly and getting you rammed with all the big black cock you can handle! 😉

  • Churchmouse

    Happy Anniversary Lordess! I’m thinking it’s almost one year that you’ve consumed my existence now! Maybe I’ll be available for a double celebration! Xoxoxoxoxoxo….skype is the only way to live.

    • Brighton

      Thank you slut bunny! Ooohhh a double? *grins evilly* I enjoy corrupting you and can’t wait to shove another crucifix up your ass. Hahahahahaha

  • Goddess Mandy

    Happy Happy 2-Yr Anniversary, Ms. Brighton! Wow, I don’t know about you but it doesn’t seem like you’ve been around these parts for even that long. Clearly you are loved by many AND loving everything around these parts (how can we not)!! I hope that you have many many more wonderful years with LDW!!!! 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary, Ms. Brighton! I remember when you first started. I was impressed with you then, but I’ve only become more enamored as time has marched on. We all love having you here–your naughty stroker pets especially! 🙂

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