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I wanted to talk about this, because I just experienced an eargasm or energy orgasm. For me, my definition of such, is a pleasurable physical, mental response to a song, melody, sound. And for those who haven’t ever heard of ASMR, it stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response which is a physical response to a pleasing stimuli, like the sound of rain, or a person’s voice whispering, or really any sound you find “orgasmic.” But for me, I have such a powerful response to some music, that it’s like having a full body orgasm without ever taking your clothes off. It also makes me horny to the point of WANTING actual sex. The boy toy knows which songs get me off, btw, and he can be VERY evil using that power sometimes. It’s okay, I like it when he’s naughty. *wink*

ASMR For Dummies

Have you ever heard a sound, and immediately upon hearing it you got a tingling sensation of full body euphoria? That’s ASMR. Now YOUR sound, or trigger, may be completely different from someone else’s, but it’s not uncommon, for people who are sensitive to such things to be moved to the point of physical response. In my case, since I am sensitive to music, and certain forms of spiritual energy – and I happen to be a spiritually aware witchcraft practitioner in real life – I’ve had full on energy orgasms just from thinking about sex. And I can have them anywhere, and at any time, and the majority are triggered by certain types of music, or from thinking about some raging hot sexy times. For me sexual energy is mental just as much as it is physical, but it can be very distracting!


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Energy Orgasms – Think Fuck Me.. Baby

There’s the type of mind fuck that leaves you whimpering in the corner, and then there’s a different type of mind fuck entirely that make your eyes glaze over and your whole body shudder. If I am in that mental state, I can literally work myself into a frenzy. For me, whatever is dominant in my mind – sexually or otherwise – becomes physically real. It puts me in a state of euphoric bliss that is a natural drug. It’s the reason I think that trance meditation and ASMR can be very powerful tools for mental conditioning of your submissives. It’s also why it is so important to protect your energy and the people you allow around you. There are people who are energy vampires and will drain you.


Pretty self explanatory, I think? I have very sensitive nipples and enjoy the fuck out of nipple play. It is something that gets me off in more ways than one, and up until a few years ago I didn’t know such a thing existed, I just knew I was having them. It’s the reason I have to wear padded bras because otherwise everyone would think I was happy to see them! So yes it is possible to have nipple orgasms. Earth shattering, knee buckling, nipplegasms.

Note On Different Types Of Orgasms

I have been having this experience for longer than I knew there was a name for it. It usually happens either when I’m synched mentally and spiritually with someone, or again – via a really feel good song. I am very musically sensitive if that’s a thing, so yes there are some songs that just really do it for me. What are those songs? Oh come on… you didn’t think it would be THAT easy, did you? If you know who my favorite artist is, then I can tell you that a lot of that person’s songs trigger a very emotional and physical response from me. But I’m not telling you which ones. 😛 Wanna know how wet I am right now from what I just experienced, or learn more about ASMR and erotic meditaton? Mmmm you’ll have to call me! 1-800-601-6975