Virtual World

Miss Brighton invites you to explore Virtual World Cyber Sex! 1-800-539-4566

Okay maybe I don’t have a tron helmet but I am excited to tell you about Enchantrix Empire’s virtual world!  It’s a special project that some of the ladies at LDW have been working on and also one that is near and dear to my heart. Imagine being able to meet your Mistress in the virtual world and go on a wild cyber sex adventure that you won’t soon forget. And the best part for me is… well Brighton is now virtual, too!

Virtual World Cyber Sex

If you have ever had a fantasy that you wished you could act out, but was not physically possible in the real world, virtual sex is the answer to that CFNM Virtual Sexminor snag. Within the Virtual World, there are endless possibilities to act out your femdom fantasies. And as I alluded to, above, being able to meet your femdom mistress in the virtual world is an experience that cannot be taken for granted. Within our Enchantrix Empire world, you get to meet and interact with some of our virtual mistresses, and get to know us on a more personable level.

Virtual Femdoms

One of the issues that some submissives and femdom enthusiasts run into with BDSM, is that some of their kinks have real time physical limitations. And of course there is the subject of safety. You will always be in good hands in the virtual, as you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself physically – unless you get so excited while roleplaying with your mistress, that you bump your head on the keyboard…. EITHER of your heads. LOL! The virtual world is a great outlet, for not only feeling as if you’re right there with your domme, but for acting out your kinky femdom fetishes. I personally look forward to finally being able to hang subs from my ceiling, and have my way with them in every position imaginable (and some that aren’t).

Meet The Mistresses Of Enchantrix Empire

So are you ready to join us in the virtual world? You can find our in world location here: Enchantrix Empire Virtual Sim and if you’d like to learn more about the Enchantrix virtual sim, you can check us out there, and also feel free to join our Fan Club!  Looking forward to meeting you there!