oral sex teasing

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Some may see sucking dick as a form of submission, and it CAN be, but I disagree that a woman sucking cock is submissive. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite forms of controlling a man via orgasm denial phone sex. Because if I take my mouth off your cock and deny you, then you’ve just been dominated by that sweet mouth of mine, and I’ve just introduced you to oral sex teasing.

Oral Sex Teasing – Orgasm Denial Torment

Just imagine if you will, that you’ve been begging and begging for some head. Your wife finally agrees, only before you climax, she stops, locking eyes with you as she takes your aching cock out of her mouth. When you whine about how you didn’t cum yet, she tells you “sorry honey, you asked me to give you head. You didn’t say you wanted to cum.” Then she cackles in amusement at the horror struck look on your face, and walks away. Boom! You’ve just been owned, sucka! Femdom orgasm denial can be anything really. I could strip naked and touch my pussy while you watch, with no promise of anything further. I could give you the worlds greatest handjob, and then stop right before you shoot. I could bounce my sweet pussy up and down on your cock until you’re about to explode… and then get up and leave you with blue balls and nary a warning. The same goes for oral sex teasing. Just because a woman is sucking your dick, doesn’t mean you’re running the show, at all.

Oral Sex Teasing As A Form Of Control

Think about how horny, frustrated, and obedient you would be if you were denied an orgasm for months and months, and your mistress teased you with her mouth. Letting you think you were getting something, when in reality she was mind fucking you in the best way. Now you not only crave her mouth, but you want to cum so badly, don’t you? Still think sucking dick is a submissive art form? You might change your tune after some oral sex teasing and a life time of chastity.