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I’ll Suck A Dick If I Want To – Oral Sex Mistress

oral sex

Mistress Brighton loves oral sex and sucking cock! 1-800-601-6975

Let me make something abundantly clear: I am a mistress, who loves getting head. But it also turns me on to GIVE head, if I am so inclined. Not every mistress is going to be open to performing oral sex, and that will depend solely on personal preference, and what kind of domme they are. Speaking for myself, yes.. I love humiliation, pussy worship and the like, but every once in a while, I feel like sucking a dick.

Oral Sex For The Deserving

So what is the criteria for Ms. Brighton sucking a cock? For me, oral sex is a turn on. There is power in taking your lovers cock into your mouth and giving him pleasure. Furthermore I do not see a dominant woman sucking cock as a sign of submission, no. For me it’s all about power. Because when that cock is in my mouth, I’ve got my lovers full attention, and it is me who decides whether he’s going to cum or not. Of course there are other reasons I might want to suck that dick. Like the fact that my boyfriend is hung and I love the feel of his heavy cock against my lips. And he’s skilled with all his appendages, and knows how to please his mistress.. not to mention he loves body worship, and using his lips and tongue to service every inch of my body.

Tiny Dick Losers Need Not Apply

Now I feel it is my duty to mention, that I will NOT suck your cock if you have an angry inch. LOL! Sorry! Tiny penises are for small penis humiliation, and not for sucking. I mean if your wiener is so small that you’d have to pay someone to even attempt to put it in their mouth, there’s no deal. These soft sensuous lips, were made for winning cocks. And when I say winning, I do mean big. You’ve got to be THIIIIS tall, to ride this ride! Now if you are a well endowed male who enjoys a little give an take, gold star for you! Either way, just know that if your mistress tells you she enjoys sucking cock, it’s because she is in charge of her sexuality, and her definition of dominant.

24 comments to I’ll Suck A Dick If I Want To – Oral Sex Mistress

  • Mistress Brighton, I know exactly what you mean. There is nothing more exciting for me than being in charge of a big, BLACk cock in my mouth. It makes me sooo hot to know that I’m in control of his orgasm and can get him to beg for more.

  • Mistress Amber

    It makes me laugh out loud when guys with tiny nubs hope for a blowjob just because they’re men. If you only have a few inches, you may be MALE, but that doesn’t make you a man! Only real cocks with real length deserve the attention of a beautiful woman. I love this post and LOVE your stance on cocksucking, Miss Brighton! Sexy girls make men weak!

  • cuckie

    Great post! I know ‘size wise” I’m soooooo NOT worthy, but thank you for sharing !!!

  • I love the way you assert your right to have whatever you want in your mouth, Ms. Brighton, but a girl has her standards, right? I’m not ever sure a little dick boy *can* get hard if you’re not laughing at it, and who can laugh with a penis in her mouth? 😉

  • Ms. Brighton, I do love your description of the power exchange that happens when a man is fully at your mercy when you have his cock in your mouth. It often results in wonderful body worship as you mention. And of course, I couldn’t stop laughing when you mentioned how small dicked losers need not apply. Why are they always first in line to apply? LOL.

    xo Audrey

  • tyler

    would u suck a big cock if he tells or u just know hes a pre ejaculator?

  • peterteasetoy

    I so agree with you here Miss Brighton! *squirm* Some women see sucking a cock as a submissive act, it isn’t. The woman has all the power when doing this, because she is the one in complete control of what happens!

    I like your title too, “I’ll suck a dick if I want to” I liken it to you saying to me, “Look, I know that if I suck on your denied cock it’s going to make the ache in your balls worse, actually, I LIKE that it’s going to make it worse, so you’re just going to have to get used to the fact that I’m going to put your hard, horny cock in my mouth and lick and suck on it however much I want, whenever I want!” *adjusts erection*

  • tyler

    like would u ever suck on a guy if hes big, but cums very easily….

  • tyler

    i have lasted up to 6 min before during sex tho

  • Danish Man

    May I just offer you my unreserved compliment for your contributions to everything erotic here at LDW. Your blog here and also your selections on your tumblr blog gives me great joy. Thank you for your creative and at times demanding outcries of pure sexual joy in one form or another…

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    I have been a disappointment for the very few women I’ve been in bed undressed together. They have found me attractive enough to take me home, but once they see my smallness the best that has occurred has been lots of questions. One date told me she felt she was in bed with a teen girl because of my teeny penis, my shaved legs, and my big perky nipples that stick way out like small breasts.
    I have managed to make myself worth their time because i’m passionately motivated to please them orally- IT’S FUN!
    But I’v never been on the receiving end of a blowjob. I get it, as given the choice I’d much rather suck off a hung cock than a guy with only a skinny 5-6 inches.

  • tyler

    im sure i could handle being tied down to your bed miss Brighton, sounds fun !

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