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What becomes of the naughty human when he encounters an alien goddess? 1-800-601-6975

Walking along a trail in the woods late one night.  No one is around.  It’s a peaceful night.  The air is starting to cool as

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we head into October.  The leaves are just starting to change colors.  The animals scurrying around as they prepare for the upcoming winter.  The moon is bright and full.  I could see the trail just from the light of the moon, though I don’t mind the man-made lights.          Suddenly the light increases.  I’m momentarily blinded by the unaccustomed brightness.  I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m no longer alone.  It takes several seconds for my eyes to clear.  The entire time the feeling that someone was near keeps nagging at me. When my eyes finally clear, I look around.  Then I saw her. Holy shit!  She is gorgeous.  Her long brown hair is being lightly blown by the breeze.  Her toned body, which is fully exposed to my hungry eyes, looks like it’s made of bronze, so deep and rich is the color.  Her breasts are small and perky, the nipples hard.  God I want to play with those.

My eyes go down to her midriff.  It is sleek and toned.  I can see her abs, but they aren’t overly pronounced like some people work for.  My eyes travel down to her legs.  They are long, and shapely.  Toned in just the right way that makes me want to kneel down and touch them in several ways. My eyes come back up, once again marveling at the perfection of her body.  My eyes meet hers.  They are a strange shade of violet.  This takes my mind off her body for a few seconds.  Violet eyes?  I’ve never seen anyone with violet eyes before. She speaks to me.  Her voice is like a choir of angels, yet the reaction is causes in me is anything but heavenly.
“My name is Brighton.  I have traveled the stars in search of you.  You will come with me to my ship.”
“Wha…  What are you talking about?  Traveling the stars?  Looking for me?  This makes no sense.”
“You will come with me.  All will be explained.”
I don’t know why, but I move closer to her.  A bright light surrounds us.  The next thing I know I’m no longer on the trail.  I look around.  What the hell is happening?  Where am I?  I look to Brighton, but she seems at ease here.
“Make yourself comfortable little one.”
“I’ll do no such thing.  Take me back.”
Her violet eyes flash.  I’m not sure if it’s the color or the feeling of dread I suddenly felt, but I took a few steps back out of reflex.
“You are being naughty.  If you are to serve me, you must learn your place.”
She springs forward, faster than the blink of an eye.  She tackles me from behind.  I land, hard, on the floor.  Brighton sitting on top of me. 
“H… How.  How did you do that?”
“Do not question me little one.  This is for your own good.”
I feel my pants and underwear being pulled off.  I try bucking her off, but to no avail.  OMG!!!  What the hell is she doing?  My ass feels like it’s on fire.  I try to fight back against her, but she has me completely at her mercy.  After what seems like hours, though it was probably closer to a couple of minutes, she gets off me.
“Now little one.  That was only a mild pepper.  The next time you misbehave I will have to use a hotter one.  Trust me.  You won’t enjoy that.”
I can’t respond to her.  My ass feels like it’s been roasted on an open fire.  My body is sore from trying to get out from under her.  I lie there, crying like a little baby.
“Now now little one.  You’re fine.  Get up.”
I do as she says.  I don’t want to risk something hotter than that.  I reach for my clothes but she stops me. 
“No no little one.  You will not be needing clothes where we’re going.  In fact take your shirt off.  Little ones are supposed to be naked.”
I take my shirt off.  What is going on?  Why does she keep calling me little one?  Where is she taking me?  I don’t understand what’s happening.
“Poor little one.  I see you have questions.  Let us see if I can answer some of them for you.  We are going to Femdom.  It’s a planet outside of your solar system.  You are to be my little one.  I believe you call them pets.  If you misbehave, you will be punished.  As you just saw.  However, if you’re a good boy, you will be rewarded.  Trust me, you want to be a good boy for me.  Does that answer your questions?”
“Why me?  Why did you choose me?”
“You were shown to me when I came of age.  Each of us Femdoms has a certain pet that they are destined to own.  Most of us get a pet from our planet.  I am the first in twenty years to have to go to a different planet.”
“What does being your little one mean?”
“You are to serve me.  Doing house work, pampering me, and pretty much anything else I want.”
The thought of serving this exquisite woman seems to excite me.  I feel my cock hardening at the though.  I can’t help but wonder what type of rewards she might give me.

Thank you so much to Nacho Joe for this story submission. Want to meet your alien goddess? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton!