Body Worship

Body Worship to keep your mouth busy, with Mistress Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

You know, I’ve gotta tell you guys, it’s really hard to do a lot of sightseeing in London when you’re too busy fucking. Oops! Six days wasn’t enough time to see all the sights, but I did get to see a member of the Night’s Watch live and in the flesh… or should I say, former member? Anyhoo, I’m referring to my future sex slave, Jon Snowย – who I would love to show my version of queening –ย as he’s currently in a play at the West End. Me and my boy toy went to see him, and then…. we went back to his place and entertained ourselves. I ended up being the main course and the dessert.

Body Worship – London Style

I must say, someone was so happy to see me that… well… he couldn’t keep his hands off me while I was there. Which means he spent a lot of time showing me what body worship means to him, and I spent a lot of time sitting on his face, or his face was planted in my ass, or I was getting a full service shrimping job. Hehe… but I digress, this blog post is about body worship, no? And it’s something the British boy toy is well versed in.

The Multi-Faceted Delights Of Body Worship

One of the things I love about body worship, is that you don’t have to designate yourself to just one part. If you’re a foot man, you might have to earn the privilege of licking and sucking your mistresses toes, by doing other things that please her. In my case, the boy toy is not only a foot man, but an ass man, and I was delighted to indulge him, while having a glass of wine, or sitting in our little private booth at dinner and giggling while he licked my toes under the table. Personally I’m not shy about expressing the fact that I love having my pussy licked, and he’s not shy about diving face first into my muffin. I should add that we DID actually get out of the house…. eventually. What can I say, when you’re Brit boyfriend is insatiable and wants to give you 3+ orgasms a day are you going to discourage him? I’d love to hear about your body worship kinks, and perhaps tell you something naughty I let my Brit do to me while I was laying on his bed, but you’ll have to call me! 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Tootles! ๐Ÿ˜‰