spring break

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Some of you may recall that last week we had a little spring break party online, and a drinking card game during Goddess Hannah’s radio show Wednesday night. But what you may not know Mistress Brighton's Pavilion 1-800-601-6975about is the after party that ensued when the show was over. What?? After party with the mistresses of LDW? What on earth could they have gotten up to in the wee hours of the night? You are curious, naturally, and as such, I’m going to allow you a little peek into what happened. Not by actually telling you what happened, but by giving you some insight into the morning after, at Brighton’s Pavilion.

Spring Break – The Morning After

Lifting her head slowly, Brighton looked up at the stream of light splashing through her bedroom curtains.  Tousled sandy brown hair falling into her face, she grumbled, and looked over at her naked, still fast asleep boy toy. He was as she’d left him at the end of the night, ball gagged and handcuffed to her headboard. She gave him an affectionate pat on his exposed “package,” hearing a satisfactory moan of distress at her teasing. Smiling, she rose from the bed.  And then the pounding hit her like a ton of bricks.  Groaning and stumbling down the hall. The house was mostly quiet, save for the faint sound of crunching, chips being tossed to and fro.

The Grumpy Domina

Mistress Brighton's Ceiling Fan 1-800-601-6975She gave the door a hard push. The sound of metal hinges grinding as the massive double doors swung inward. The doors led to the “nacho” room. Her pet was sitting in the center of the room, naked save for a pile of chips surrounding him. He turned his head sharply upon hearing her enter the room, and froze. Brighton eyed him suspiciously, “Nacho pet…. did you remember to make the coffee?” she asked.

He stammered out a “Yes mistress, it’s ready for you in the kitchen” just as she heard a muffled cry come from a large heap of tortilla chips, in the corner of the room. Raising an eyebrow and still holding her head, Brighton moved toward the trembling chip mountain, nachos crunching under her feet. “What on earth…” she brushed the chips to the side, the heap tumbling to the floor to reveal a petite frame, tightly bound in silver duct tape, propped up in a desk chair, and wearing black shades. Brighton crumpled her face, and the muffled cries intensified. There were holes left for the nose and mouth, but something was still obstructing speech. She knew who it was even without being able to see their face. Brighton pulled the balled up, skimpy blue fabric from the duct taped mummy’s mouth. Dangling them from her fingers, she asked, “How did these get in your mouth?”

Duct Tape G-Strings And Whiskey

The mummy was about to answer, “M-m-mistress…” but she cut them off. “Not now, pudding pants… there are much more pressing matters to attend to, like my coffee, for starters.” Sauntering out of the room, she glanced up, and that’s when she noticed yet another subbie, strapped to the flying nachos ceiling fan, wearing nothing but a pair of sheer red boxers, and the bondage tape that kept him bound to the propeller blade.  She shook her head, turning her attention to the nacho boy, “Keep an eye on them. I need to know what exactly happened here last night, after I finished my vodka…”

Nacho boy nodded, lowering his head and averting his eyes. He remembered a little, but not so much as others may, as he ended his night where he’d started it: under the table, with several pitchers of beer, and the nachos he’d been allowed to snack on in the “play room” the mistresses assigned him to. The door slammed shut, metal grating against metal with a loud thud. Just then, the ceiling fan attachment came to, awakened by Mistress Brighton’s exit, and shrieked in horror. Want to know what happened at the LDW Mistresses Spring Break party? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton!