On this portentous day, I have reached a monumental decision, one that will impact all areas of my life, and resonate outward into the world! Yes, Dear Reader, I have decided to give up all forms of sex and become monastic.

You heard me! All forms of sex! Gone! No more! Finite! No longer will I delve into the tawdry and sticky world of 800 601 7259 slutty sissyorgasm control, no more teaching faggot males to suck cock, no more men in panties. I will give it all up in order to realize my true dream: I will become a Reality TV Star. Soon, in prime-time live (filmed live, at least) living color you’ll get to see me strut my stuff and put all those other Reality TV Star hos and pimps to shame. I will be the best, most amazing, monastic former dominatrix ever seen!

Today is the day, this is the moment, mark this date on your calendars, because for realsy reals, this is the turning point.

I will exert my will and control my destiny and give up all forms of sex forever and ever. No more talking about sex, no more exploring other people’s sweet and twisted fantasies, no more inviting my boyfriend over with his boyfriend to have hot, nasty threesome fuckery all night long. I won’t even slide my own fingers into my own wet, dripping, achingly empty pussy to find any form of masturbatory relief. There will be no tying my sissy slut slave to a chair and playing with a huge dildo in front of him while he moans for an orgasm of his own, no sirree! None of that. Starting today.

This day. This very important day.

Mistress Harper is going totally celibate in order to become a Reality TV Star, on April 1st 2016. Yep. Onward! To glory and fame and victory! And no more orgasms, ever again! (Oh dear, I hope I can make it…)

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