good sex

Call Brighton for good sex. 1-800-601-6975

It is a well known fact that good sex can change your life. No matter what your kink is, anything that gives you intense, unadulterated pleasure can be applied. The mistresses at LDW offer – and cater to – a plethora of fetishes, from the bizarre to the common place. One of the topics we cater to is good sex.

Good Sex Vs. D/s

While being a mistress is something that I enjoy, I am also aware that not everyone, wants a mistress. There may be days, when you crave for a domme to crack her whip and tell you, “get on your knees, and lick my boots, maggot!”, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t desire sensual, stimulating conversation, and a more intimate one-on-one experience. Sometimes, you just want good sex, and a roleplay girlfriend to bring it to fruition. And when nothing else will do, but a “vanilla” sexual role play that makes your balls ache, and not from pain. And to be true, there is nothing wrong with a vanilla scene.

You Are My Canvas

Vanilla fantasies and erotic non-mistressy calls are something I offer. There are times when I want to make your cock tingle, and not from a Bengay pocket pussy! I want your cock to throb thinking about me as I tell you an erotic story of all the things that I want to do to you sexually as a sensual woman who enjoys good sex. So don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid to speak up if your fantasy doesn’t involve, leather corsets, ball gags, and cat-o-nine tails. Easy conversation, and spinning a story of amazing, bed breaking, headboard thumping sex is why I’m here. Are you ready for good sex with me? Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.