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Princess Andi

2 mistress call

2 mistress call fun with Ms. Brighton & Princess Andi. 1-800-601-6975

I do enjoy when my girlfriend visits me. It sure gets lonely around the house when my honey is busy at work. My girlfriend and I are also very close. You see, we share everything, and I do mean everything.

Yup, That’s My Breast Friend

Having a gal pal like my friend is a very special relationship. We talk about everything, and nothing is off limits in our discussions. Today, when she came over, we were discussing our sweet tooths, and her craving for chocolate syrup. Now I will have you know, any time someone mentions chocolate syrup, my mind strays to the dirtiest, filthiest things. I suppose it must have showed on my face, because she asked me where I was.  I giggled and told her, “Between your chocolate syrup covered boobies.”

Chocolate Covered Snacks

Not one to shy away from a challenge, she smiled, and reached over, giving my breasts an affectionate squeeze. At some point, we both lost our tops.. and then Mr. Brighton came home. That’s when we really got the party started!

What Happened To Dessert?

Do you want to know more? You’re in luck. For the entire month of February, my breast friend Princess Andi, and I are offering a special treat. That’s right, if you call us, and do a 2 mistress call of 15 minutes or more, you will get a FREE 2 mistress audio from myself and Andi, detailing our chocolaty fun, and what became of my honey. Click on the audio at the bottom of this blog post to hear our audio teaser. Like what you hear? Give us a call at 1-800-601-6975, and ask for Andi and Brighton.