Sploshing Fetish Sissy Bride

Mistress Brighton wants you to be her sploshing sissy bride. 1-800-601-6975

No sissy training and transformation experience is complete without a sissy bride. This holds true for a blushing sissy bitch that I like to call Trixie.  Trixie first came to me as a humbled man-boy whose fiancee had left him for her ex-boyfriend shortly before they were to be married. And being abandoned by your fiancee wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t for the fact that Trixie had paid for the entire wedding, several thousands of dollars, even. Trixie – who used to be known as Trevor – was heartbroken, and didn’t know what to do, as he’d already paid in full for the wedding and couldn’t get his money back. Enter Mistress Brighton with the perfect solution for all his matrimonial woes.

Sissy Bride

My sweet sissy bride is preparing to walk down the aisle.

If You Can’t Beat Em Become A Sissy Bride

What I suggested to Trevor was that he simply save the date, and since he couldn’t get his money back, have the wedding anyway. Simply marry someone else. At first he looked at me, puzzled, until I told him that I had someone in mind. Someone who was very attractive, and who would love to get hitched on such short notice – the wedding being scheduled for the following weekend – to someone who would make a fitting partner for them.  Trevor was overjoyed that someone would be willing to marry him, and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure the wedding was a success.

Preparing For The Life Of A Sissy Bitch

Trevor was very confused as to why he had to get a full body wax, when I first took him to the salon, but as I explained, I wanted him to look his best before the wedding. I also explained that in order to get married, he had to learn what it would take to please his new partner and keep them happy.  You see, Trevor’s new mate was very kinky, and he would have to learn how to take a cock, and also suck one as part of his training. Being a very good study, Trevor learned very quickly with the help of my strap-on dildo, and a few bananas and cucumbers. The final step was to completely transform Trevor into Trixie. I made sure he understood that him becoming a sissy bride was detrimental to the success of his marriage. And Trevor was VERY eager – after being left at the altar – to make his new mystery mate happy.

Sissy Bride Walks Down The Aisle

sploshing sissy bride

Wet and messy fetish

After being prepped, primed, and dressed in her new wedding dress, the big day finally came. Trixie walked down the aisle in her brand new dress and heels, as the wedding music played, her veil intact. As she reached the end of the aisle, she noticed there appeared to be two grooms. The first, her new bull husband, and the second, his new mistress… me! I must say I look good in a tux. Trixie’s face was a fine blend of excitement and horror as she realized she was being married off to a man.. a real man, and into servitude as my sissy slave.  But as we stood there taking our vows, I knew something else was happening to Trixie much further south.

The Wedding Cake

You can’t have a wedding without cake, now can you? And Sissy Bride Trixie definitely got to have her cake and eat it too.  After cutting the first piece, it was time to feed her new groom and mistress, by sharing the cake with us. And then it was Trixie’s turn. “Oh Trixie, I may have forgotten to mention.. your new groom and your mistress are also very big fans of sploshing,” I said with a big smile. Watching Trixie’s face crumple in confusion, “sploshing, mistress?? What’s sploshing?”  “Here,” I said, grabbing a handful of cake, “let me show you.” And as my gorgeous, big dicked bull lifted Trixie’s wedding dress, exposing her knickers, and I shoved a handful of cake into her white wedding panties, Trixie learned all about my food fetish, and had her very first gushing sissy orgasm, as the cake rubbed over her sissy clit.