Join us for a full day of Cock Radio fun and Mistress Madness at the Holiday Mistress Marathon show. The first show starts at 10 AM EST and the last show starts and 10 PM EST. To join the show, go to  If you’d like to be notified of other upcoming LDW events and promotions, you can sign up for text notifications using this form, or you can sign up for notifications at the top right corner of The Daily Cock. See you at the show!!

A Party Like No Other

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for tomorrow.  Enjoy twelve hours of cock radio and 12 hours of cock jocks! You never know who might stop in and join us.  You never know who you might hear on the radio. It could be me, or it could be the headless horseman… *giggle* So if you want to join the festivities, there will be a party in the community kink chatroom, and you can tune in and listen by heading over to I hope you’ll join us. There will be music, food fights, and more than likely, a dancing turkey as part of our entertainment.

What’s Going On With Miss Brighton In November?Brighton (16)

As you know, I celebrated a birthday at the beginning of the month (Nov. 6th), and I had a blast. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I thought I would let you know that I will not be available for calls from November 25th to November 28th, as I’ll be out of town and will have limited access to phone and internet. If I can squeeze it in, I might be available for calls early Wednesday morning (the 25th) and late Saturday evening (the 28th). It all depends on what time I head out and get back.

If I don’t speak to you before Turkey day, I hope you all have a safe holiday – if you’re celebrating, and I will catch you after I recover from stuffing the bird! *wink*  In the meantime, stay tuned for my next blog post, which also involves food… sort of.


Mistress Brighton