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Happy 13th Anniversary LDW – Free Calls Today November 2nd

Happy Birthday LDW! 1-800-601-6975

That’s right, you read correctly. LDW is celebrating their 13th year of business, and we want to party with you. How can you join in on the fun?

Free Calls All Day

Anyone over the age of 18 and up is welcome to call in, and when you do, you’ll get a free 10 minute call with the mistress of your choice.  From 12:00am AnniversarygraphicEastern, Monday, to 11:59pm Eastern, you have an opportunity to speak to a mistress absolutely free. If you want a longer call, you’re welcome to add your free 10 minutes to a paid call for additional time.  That means you get a 10 minute freebie to worship Mistress Brighton’s butt hole.  You can get ten minutes worth of birthday spankings.  You can suck cock for mistress or, you can have mistress plow your ass for 600 seconds. The possibilities are endless, and you can spend those ten minutes any way you want for free.

Try Something New

Today is also an excellent opportunity to talk to a mistress that you haven’t spoken to before and try each other out. You never know, you may find a new favorite mistress to add to your list of femdom ladies. There are a lot of mistresses to choose from, so the most difficult thing will probably be picking just one. The good news is whomever you choose is the right choice!

Speaking of Birthday Spanks

I’m looking to make a few new asses rosy, so if you’re into spanking and general run-of-the-mill debauchery, I’ll be looking out for you! You can call me at 1-800-601-6975 to get your free ten minute call with me and then we can boogie! Hope we get to chat with each other today, and I’ll be sure to save you some cake. *wink*


Mistress Brighton

2 comments to Happy 13th Anniversary LDW – Free Calls Today November 2nd

  • Petey cream puff

    Thank you for the great call with Ms Cindy yesterday!!! It was awesome how the both of you caught me in the closet with Ms Cindys bra and then both of you ganged up on me and dressed me as a girl and kept me like this!! Both of you are so hot and intimadating where I felt so weak as you both made me strip and put me in bra and panty set with heels and then gave me lipstick kisses on my cheeks as well as applied lipstick on my lips which gave me a girlish body as well as my breasts growing to d cup size along with my nails growing longer:( the lipstick had something in it that made me turn into a girl as I had a bubble butt girl hair/facial features. The yoga pants showed off my curves as well. Just seeing both of you wearing leggings/boots/bras/panties was a turn on and I felt left out and was just curious about trying on both of your lingerie. Seeing the makeover both of you gave me I no longer look like a guy anymore and as both of you said there’s no going back as I am both of yours cream puff sissy forever.

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