Two for one special August 26th!

I can’t tell you how excited I am for tomorrow. And in case you are unaware and currently wondering why Mistress Brighton would be excited for August 26th, tomorrow is our special – one day only – 2 mistress call promotion! That’s right, tomorrow, and only tomorrow, you can set up a two mistress call for the price of one. That means you can pick two mistresses and they get to have their way with you.

Get Festive With 2 Mistresses

And by festive, I do mean get spanked, degraded, corrupted, and hammered. Hammered by our strap on cocks, that is. It is a very arousing thought, a sub on his knees, begging for mistress cock, right before you assume the position and get filled to the hilt with a nice, fat dildo. Of course you should know, that before you receive our cocks, we’re going to warm that ass up and make sure it’s blushing crimson before that man pussy gets plundered!

Pumped And Primped By A Mistress Duo

Ms. Brighton knows you are a cuckold cock sucker!

Mistress Brighton


Sexy Mistress Piper Loves 2 Mistress Calls

There are many different ways 2 mistresses can corrupt you. Some of my favorites include, cross dressing and coerced cock sucking. Where you – the sub – get to wear mistresses panties, and then get on your knees and suck a nice juicy cock, or maybe even a couple of cocks. All well endowed, naturally. If you happen to be a cuckold slut, imagine a scenario where your wife, and her girlfriend, whore you out, make you watch them get fucked by “real men” and then have you serve by licking up two, nutritious, delicious creampies.

No matter what your kink is, tomorrow, August 26th, you can be a naughty, dirty slut with two of us, instead of one. I had a lovely chat with Mistress Piper today, about some of the things we’d love to do to you… and to each other. Check out the audio on the page, and then give us a call tomorrow at 1-800-601-6975. Both Piper and myself can’t wait to hear from you!