Pass the penis with a cock tease princess.

pass the penis

Pass the penis and stroke that cock for us!

I just love pass the penis and just like Ms. Delia and many of the other Mistress; I too, absolutely adore having you edge your penis! I am a true cock tease so, when it’s my turn to have my way with that horny dick, I like to ask you naughty questions, I absolutely love it when you share a very naughty confession with me. For example– do you like to jerk off into panties? I also love hearing you confess your masturbation habits while stroking and edging that cock. Perhaps, you will whisper in my ear the last time you had an orgasm–hearing you tell me that makes me smile! All the while, as you are confessing to me– I will tease your cock. I want you to stroke that cock as per my guided masturbation instructions. I get a thrill when you just can’t help yourself, you start to beg me to make cummies. Aww, your begging is music to my ears!

Of course, I am going to smile and laugh as you continue to be a good stoker; struggling and straining to please your Princess, by keeping those balls full for me. We don’t want an “accident” do you? I know that I would be disappointed in you and that is the last thing you want to do! I know how much you will beg and plead to release; but, we both know, you want the pass the penis game to continue. I know you really like having big, juicy, blue balls for the next Mistress you are passed off to.

Pass the penis and guided masturbation

cock teasing princess

Pass that penis over here!

So, to help you keep those cummies all bottle up. I am going to teach you some exciting new ways to stroke and edge your dick! Guys tend to love when I teach them the 5 finger blow job or the palm press. These are just 2 of the many little tricks in my naughty guided masturbation toy box. I can’t help but smile when a masturbater tells me they never tried this stroking technique before and they love it.

I will teach you some hot ways to edge your horny cock while keeping your balls blue before passing you onto the next Mistress. Pass the penis is always a great– sexy fun way, to keep those balls blue and learn a thing or two. How can you pass that up? Tee-hee

Take Note: here is a bona fide Princess Andi Confession: Here is one of my pass the penis fantasies I would love to play Multi- Mistress Pass the Penis! 2 Mistresses at a time. Can you imagine? Do you think your penis would ever be the same?

I look forward to teasing your cock along side with my Mistress friends!

Princess Andi~


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Note from Mistress Brighton: I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely LOVE to play pass the penis with Princess Andi. If you would like to join us, call 1-800-601-6975

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