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Happy Halloween From Brighton & Andi

Halloween Phone Sex

Brighton & Andi are wishing you a Happy Halloween! 1-800-601-6975

Hi there! Before I left for Florida, I had the pleasure of sitting on Andi’s face- I mean sitting down with Andi and having a chat about all things Halloween. As you know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love to celebrate Samhain, with drinks, sweets, good food…. nakedness… SEX, turning men into Sissy Stepford Wives. But we’re getting slightly off the subject here.

What Is Andi’s Favorite Thing About Halloween?

During our little chat, I asked Andi the really important questions. Like what’s her favorite thing about Halloween, favorite candy, favorite thing to do WITH the candy, advice for being safe on the 31st, and she had some very funny, and informative answers. On top of just being her sexy, comical self that I do adore.

What’s Miss Brighton’s Favorite Halloween Candy?

*giggle* The answer might not surprise you, but I certainly don’t mind sharing what my favorite candy is, and why.  So would you like to know what me and Princess Andi talked about? Well you’re in luck, because I’m posting the audio right here on my blog. Just click the audio link and listen in to our caring, sharing, and naughty giggle fest! Like what you hear? Leave me a comment, and of course, give us a call (you might want to get Andi’s permission FIRST.. hehehehe..) at 1-800-601-6975. Happy Halloween!

8 comments to Happy Halloween From Brighton & Andi

  • Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. What could be better than getting to dress up as someone else. Even though I’m a little short, I’m going as RuPaul this year! My girlfriend is going to give me a spray tan to die for. I’m so lucky that my friend, Eddie works in a wig shop. I’m looking forward to being the runway diva!

  • bfla

    Great audio! I love being a candy corn creamer! Best part of Halloween(ie). 🙂 You two should start a Mistress of the Obvious advice column, lol. First entry, don’t put your coated candy corn back in the bag. Too funny. 🙂

    • Brighton

      You know bfla that’s not a bad idea at all! I’m sure Andi would have me in stitches though, I don’t know if we’d get through the whole advice column we’d be laughing so hard! 😀

  • Empress Rayne

    Ladies! That audio was so much fun! I can’t stop giggling. You should start marketing that creamed candy corn…I know some cumsluts that would absolutely love that. And all the pranks sound so wonderful. Just one thing, Ms Brighton, you’re far too lovely to hide under a Sia wig. 😉

    • Brighton

      New cum covered candy corn, slurp it up! LOL!!!! You are so right Rayne, those dirty cum whores would eat it up… literally! And the Sia wig would more than likely end up on bones. I’m thinking of hanging him from the roof next year. 🙂

  • Oh goodness! Creamed candy corn? You know, I don’t really know anyone who likes candy corn, but my suspicion is that they haven’t ever had Ms. Andi and Ms. Brighton’s creamed candy corn. I have a feeling you’d have sluts lined up to taste that candy. 🙂

    • Brighton

      They sure would! Especially since the cum sluts I talk to would do anything to get cum filled protein treat, and they aren’t shy about asking! 😀

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