Happy Masturbation May Blog Train Takeover! I’m Harper, and I’ll be your lovely deviant posting on Mistress Brighton’s blog today. Buckle up, because I have an offering I think you’re going to really enjoy. What if you woke up one day as a woman? How would your life change, and what would your new existence be like? Well, what if you woke up as a woman in a breeding compound, and were made to serve big hard cocks until your belly swelled and you’d fulfilled your true purpose in life? Let’s explore a fantasy world I like to call “Turn About is Fair Play.” If you missed any blogs, check out the last post from Miss Constance, on Miss Erika’s blog.

Once Upon A Time

Harper Masturbation May Takeover Turn About is Fair PlayOnce upon a time, in a land not too far from here, and not too far in the future either, there will be, or maybe already is, a man who thinks his dick is amazing. This poor man believes what everyone has told him all his life: that his seed is holy, that to be a man is superior to being a woman, and that all women exist to incubate his seed, and for no other reason. He walks through his life with his head high, assured of his superior position through the mighty power of having been born with a flappy bit of extra skin between his legs. At some point in the future, this man will learn a powerful lesson, as science advances far enough that it becomes indistinguishable from magic, and he wakes up transformed.

Finally, you’re awake.

The room you’re in is pleasant, light and airy; the bed you lay upon is soft, with plush sheets and blankets. And the woman looking at you has piercing green eyes and a slight smirk to her lips. “Welcome to the rest of your life, Ayana. You’re in the New Haven Horizons Breeding Rehabilitation Center, and you’ve recovered from your surgeries and subliminal training well. Hop on up, let’s get you dressed.” As you sit up, you realize your body has undergone some changes, but you’re feeling very calm about these changes. Warm, and accepting, when you look down at yourself, and see graceful and beautiful large breasts, the swell of your hips, and, there between your legs, the pathetic flap you once thought of a as a cock is simply gone. You look at the woman, a question in your eyes.

“Come along, girl, we don’t have all day!”

The woman, and you’re not sure how you know, but you know that she’s a real woman, gestures towards a low chest, currently open with some cloth visible inside. You stand, and move, and discover the chest has lovely lingerie sets, and sexy nightgowns. The sorts of clothes you once would have expected a prostitute or whore to wear, but now, it feels right and natural to put them on, tightening straps here, arranging your bountiful breasts to sit just so in the cups of the bra. You slide your feet into some sexy strappy heels, and finally stand before the woman, as dressed as you’re going to get. “Good girl, the training is holding up well. Time to put you to work.” She leads the way out of the room, and down a warm and welcoming hallway to a larger room, with chaise lounges and divans already occupied by beautiful women.

The new girl is here, now play nice!

You take your place among the beautiful women, smiling nervously. The lovely blonde nearest you leans over, and says “oh, you must be so confused. Don’t worry, it’s easy, and will come to you naturally. Just do what feels right, and you’ll be fine!” The door opens, and men enter the receiving room. Powerful men, in suits and ties, wearing their power and authority like armor. Some are a little pudgy around the waist, or going grey;  weak chins and absurd facial hair, with all the social affectation of self righteous men. You recognize religious leaders, politicians, even the local police chief! Each man selects a beauty and leads her away, until there is you, and the Reverend. He smiles, and says “well, you’re new, aren’t you. Come here sweet thing, and let’s go make a baby together!”

At his words, your panties become soaked with your arousal.

You are filled with the knowledge that this is your new life. You will be a well bred bitch, an incubator for men’s seed. The uterus they transplanted into you is fully functional, and you will take the place of your brother’s wife. Her number came up in the lottery, but your family decided that instead of sacrificing her, they’d pay to transform you, and send you to the Holy Breeding Center instead. It’s important to keep up the domestic supply of available adoptable new family members; it’s your place in life, to submit to the will of the religious leaders in your government, to become the handmaiden used and bred to ensure some other family can become complete. It is the will of God, that you spread your legs and let these men fuck into you, grunting their way to ejaculation, filling your belly with seed.

Who are you to deny the will of God?

After all, you voted for the conservative government that put this system in place. You voted for this, therefore, this is your new life. You may have thought it would only effect the women around you, but now that you are one, your place is sealed. You’re lucky, you know. Your family paid for the extra conditioning training so that you would love to fuck, love to suck cock, love to be used and filled again and again. At least you’ll enjoy your new life as a slut whore bred to the most politically powerful men. Too bad all the politically powerful men aren’t much to look at, but, you enjoy that, too. Bred by fat, ugly, contemptuous men, used like a cum dumpster with no will of your own, until you are discarded one day for being too old to be sexy any more.

Enjoyed this little foray into ‘what if’?

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