cum facial humiliation

Cum facial humiliation makes you the star of the show! 1-800-601-6975

Whatever Mistress wants, Mistress gets. And I want you, to give yourself a cum facial! Do it! Flip your legs over your head and make a mess, go crazy! Yes I am serious. If you’re going to cum at all, might as well amuse me by making an ass of yourself. Cum facial humiliation makes you the star of the show.

Cum Facial Humiliation

Probably a bad idea to share with me, any of your sick and twisted ideas, because I’m going to take it and run with it, and coerce you to perform. Cum eating is a nutritious treat for some, and completely humiliating for others. For those on the humiliation spectrum, taking it in the face turns your cum eating humiliation up a notch. Giving yourself a cum facial for an audience like a bukkake cum slut ramps things up to 20! So how does one give themselves a cum facial? Welp, the keyword here is GET CREATIVE.

Cum Collecting Jizz Face

If you are not one of those limber types, that can vault off the floor, there are options. You can prop yourself up on a wall and some cushions and launch your load that way; you can cum into a glass and pour it all over your face – like my favorite melon fucker does when he eats his cum – or you could go all Mistress Brighton’s laboratory and use a milking contraption that squirts your collected sperm directly in your mug. With that said, I think you need to call me so we can discuss you being my cum facial court jester. Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Talk soon!


Mistress Brighton