2019 Sissy Pageant

Mistress Brighton and Mistress Harper host the 2019 sissy pageant.

This year’s pageant is all inclusive, meaning if you would like to participate in the 2019 Sissy Pageant, you may do so online, and virtually at Enchantrix Empire! Mistress Harper has posted on her blog, and details about categories for this years pageant are up at Enchantrix Empire’s social network. So never fear, there are two awesome ways to play and strut your sissy stuff!

2019 Sissy Pageant

As I have mentioned previously on sissyville, we have a few categories this year for you naughty sissies to compete in. And as of today, Mistress Harper has posted the categories and their descriptions at Enchantrix Empire. One of our new categories is best virtual sissy, and the other new category that I’m geeked for is best sissy voice! You’ve got two new ways to enter and win the sissy pageant: 1. Join us in the virtual world, get all dolled up and sashay for us at Virtual Enchantrix. 2. Read from one of the Mistress scripts available and send in your voice clip. You can also participate online by submitting photos for the corresponding categories, there are five in total.

Sissy Voice And Sissy Virtual

I am really looking forward to seeing who wins best virtual sissy, and I can already tell you that there will be some stiff competition because we do have some smokin hot sissy bitches in world, so don’t miss out! AND!!! Think of the sissy voice competition as our FemDommy version of America’s got sissies. You have – as of right now – 4 scripts to choose from, and give it life, attitude, and faggotry, so go big, and make us proud. The scripts have been donated by the Enchantrix Mistresses, and one of them is mine, and it is naughty in my very own Brightony style of naughtyness. Muahahahaha!

Want more? You’ve got time to get your sissy self together and get ready. If you’re doing virtual, go to Virtual World Phone Sex and get started with how to join us, and practice maneuvering the 3D world. Need more help? Call me! 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton, I’m here to help. I hope you will join in the fun and get sissified with us this year.


Mistress Brighton