impotent sissy

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Holy moly! Talk about a wild ride you’ve been on, sissy.  It started out innocently enough, and then after entering the gateway to feminization – by wearing panties and watching gay porn – you ended up cuckolded and sissified. And thus, your dissent into faggotry, began.

Impotent Sissy Only Gets Hard For Cocks

As soon as you told me you couldn’t get hard for your wife, on our last phone sex call, I knew where the story was going without you going any further. What??? Your wife cuckolded you and got a boyfriend? SHOCKING. You don’t say! Hold these panties while I clutch my pearls in feigned surprise… *snortlaughing* NOT! So from there, you discovered gay porn, and that your dick got real happy when you watched other men. Oooh your dick also gets hard when you wear panties? And your wife has a well endowed lover? I am intrigued! Honestly this call was so good I had to write about it.

Impotent Sissy Enjoys The Humiliation

In other news, water is wet, sissy. LMAO! I knew when you told me your saga of sissy faggotry, that you enjoyed the humility of being cuckolded, feminized, and that your useless penis gets hard for other penises. Specifically that you desire going further than strapons and cocksucking, you want to be fucked like a little bitch. Trust me it’s okay, I understand and I’m here to help!  I totally get that you only pitch a big top, for being topped by a stud, and you’re not alone there. So here’s the call to action for the rest of you limp dick sissies, go watch some gay porn, and then call Miss Brighton at 1-800-601-6975 and let’s chat about what makes your dick happy.



Mistress Brighton