peculiar fetish combos

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There is nothing wrong with your eyesight, that does say qtipping and analgasms. Everybody loves that orgasmic sensation they get from qtipping their ears, right? Well why not pair what would classify under peculiar fetish combos, and try it on… for science!!!!!

Peculiar Fetish Combos – Why Does Qtipping Feel So Good?

So boys, you know that feeling you get, when you stick a qtip in your ear to clean your ear, and your eyes cross and then roll back into your head, and you make those noises that Mistress absolutely adores? It’s because the ears have a complex system of nerves and nerve endings, that makes the sensation of having them stimulated so pleasurable. Now.. imagine pairing that, with a hush vibrating – remote butt plug up your ass, as Mistress tinkers with the settings and sends you into orgasmic bliss. Is your cock twitching? That’s what I thought.

Analgasms While Qtipping = Explosive Orgasm

Here’s the other reason this pairing would turn you into a puddle of submissive bliss: The male anus is also where his gspot is located. So imagine having your inner ear gspot, and your ANAL gspot stimulated at the same time? I am imagining the sound you would make, and the euphoria you would feel, and I want to guide you through this process. I am a sensual Mistress after all, and when I’m not tormenting subs – because I get off on it – I enjoy rewarding good, obedient subbies with an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Now…. let’s talk safety. DO NOT under any circumstances, drive a qtip deep into your ear. You could damage your inner ear and possiblly go deaf. Remember when your elders would tell you that masturbating too much would make you go blind? They had the right idea, but it’s actually fapping while qtipping and it can make you go deaf. And then you wouldn’t be able to hear my Goddessy gorgeous voice guiding you to nirvana, and that would make us both sad!  So when you call me to explore your BDSM kink and weird qtipping fetish, we will do so safely, to protect your ears. Your ass – on the other hand – there won’t be any  protecting your ass from me. Muahahahahaha!

Ready for analgasms and eargasms? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.


Mistress Brighton