sensory deprivation

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Your head is in a box. The noise cancellation ear plugs secured. Similar to being blindfolded, you cannot see, nor can you hear. But you can feel… Have you ever experienced the deep, all consuming sub-space of sensory deprivation? It is an exquisite loss of all control, where you cannot hear or see. You don’t know who is in the room with you, or isn’t, but in this particular example, you are bound, and even better you’re being fucked. But by whom?

Sensory Deprivation And Strap-on Fem Domme

Imagine if you will, that in addition to having your ears plugged, and your head stuffed into a ventilated – light proof box, you are also bound with your legs spread eagled, and surprise! You’re the party favor for an unknown, unseen amount of Mistresses. Each of them fully equipped with their own strapon. You don’t know who is fucking you at any given time, but you can feel each time a girthy girl cock fills your ass.

But Is It Only Women?

Except here’s the plot twist:  There are definitely women fucking you, right? But what if some of those cocks that are filling your ass belong to other male slaves who have been ordered to stuff your fuck hole? You think you’re being fucked by women and women only. But when it’s all over, you’re not sure if that’s lube dripping from your man pussy, or another man’s cum, as you recover from extreme humiliation, and the ache of a thousand penises. Do you want to know who fucked you? 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach me, just ask for Brighton.