coerced cum eating

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Perhaps you’re curious about coerced cum eating, but you don’t know where to begin, or maybe you’ve tried and tried to eat your own cum, but you always chicken out. If either of the aforementioned apply, this blog is especially for you. Especially the latter.. and in this blog, I’m going to give you a very important pointer on how to get yourself started. To me, this is the easiest way for a novice to get started. And what is this super easy tactic? It’s quite simple: Use food.

coached cum eating

Don’t you wish you looked this hot guzzling your creamy load?

Coerced Cum Eating And Food

Now keep in mind, an assertive mistress will keep you on course, and will make sure you eat your creamy load. Working with me as your coached cum eating instructor, you will find that I enjoy using food when coaching beginning cum eaters that simply have not been able to get the cum past their lips any other way.  Granted, my first choice would be to just flip your legs over your head and jack you off right into your mouth, but since I’m not there to do so, eating your cum in, or on your food, will do just fine.

Cumming On Food Is The Gateway To Success

You might be wondering, “How will food help me be a successful cum eater?” The reason you’ve not been successful eating your own cum up to this point is because, for some of you, you can’t get past that mental blockage, and the fear of what eating your cum will turn you into. At the same time, it turns you on so much you can’t stop thinking about it. The problem is, once most guys climax, they lose the urge to eat their cum. This is where the food comes into play because for some of you skittish types, you’re more likely to eat the cum if you’re not so worried about what it’s going to taste like. And then there is the mind fuck that comes along with eating your cum – either on food or by itself: Once you eat it, you are a cum eater, point blank. End of story. And once you succeed, you will become addicted to eating your load, and you will be willing to go further and further, until you finally do take that straight shot that you once feared.

Cumming In The Kitchen

If it’s your first time eating cum, and you are in session and being coached by me, the first thing I will have you do is head into the kitchen. Pick your favorite food. Once you’ve selected that buttered raisin bagel, bowl of oatmeal, or cup of yogurt, you are going to begin your trip down the cum eating rabbit hole. Make sure you’re hungry because once you cum all over your food for me, you’re going to have yourself a hearty, protein packed meal that you won’t soon forget. Intrigued as to how food play can help turn you into a cum eater, and ready to begin? Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.