Goddess Brighton joins the mile high club 1-800-601-6975

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, because I know I did! The sensual domme and the boy toy traveled together this year, and if the title of this blog is any indicator, then you already know how my flight went. While this was not my public sex debut, it was the first time we’d spent turkey day together – he’s usually either overseas or across the country someplace – and in honor of such, we decided this would be a prime opportunity to christen the in flight lavatory…. which proved to be tricky.

In Flight Entertainment

Our flight was booked solid, so getting us both into the lavatory without being suspicious, was no small feat. I went in first – I should note, that I wore a skirt and blouse, with the full intention of getting fucked on the plane – and waited a few minutes, for my lover boy to make his entrance. Was I nervous? Hmmm… first time fucking on a plane, hell yes! Was I excited? Well…. considering he spent the minutes prior to operation “mile high pussy worship” with his hand up my skirt, the answer to that, would be best defined by how wet my panties were, by the time I finally got up to go to the bathroom.

An Oscar Worthy Performance

Words cannot express how exhilarating it is to have an orgasm at twenty thousand feet. As much as we did try to keep the noise level to a minimum, I could tell – upon exiting the lavatory – that we may have been just a little overzealous in the heat of the moment. Not to mention that I didn’t realize my guy popped two of the buttons on my blouse, whilst my leg was over his shoulder and he was hammering away at me. I can only assume it was in his haste to cop a feel of my tits. I can’t blame him, my breasts are exceptional and worthy of boobie appreciation! Needless to say, I did receive a few odd looks, and raised eyebrows, as I was returning to my seat. And once my boyfriend was back in his, the stewardess on duty gave us both a complimentary glass of wine, as a token of her thanks for the titillating display, and the mouth watering sounds she heard on her way to the back of the cabin when we were going at it. So what’s your risque fantasy? Have you ever stroked your cock, thinking about the thrill of getting caught having sex? I’d love to hear from you. Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and we can explore your naughty fantasies, together.


Mistress Brighton