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The Christmas Fairy – Part III

Mistress Brighton is your Christmas Fairy 1-800-601-6975

Have you been enjoying reading Trevor’s journey into otherworldly pleasures, with a wickedly delicious woman, known as the Christmas Fairy? If you have been following along, in part one of the christmas fairy, Trevor meets this beautiful, mysterious creature, and she grants his first wish. Never . . . → Read More: The Christmas Fairy – Part III

The Christmas Fairy – Part II

Sensual Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Trevor waddled up the stairs to his bedroom, making a stop at the bathroom medicine cabinet. As he popped the cap to the pain reliever open, and filled his glass with water, he ruminated on what he’d just experienced, at the hands of the christmas fairy. The red woman had . . . → Read More: The Christmas Fairy – Part II

The Christmas Fairy

Mistress Brighton wants to be your Christmas fairy. (800)601-6975

Strange things happen, when the Christmas fairy visits you, for the first time. Skipping happily down the hall for a late night snack, Trevor didn’t notice the spectacle by the fireplace. But on his way back to the bedroom, turning his head, that’s . . . → Read More: The Christmas Fairy