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Cum Eating Meditation – The Goddess of Mindfuck

Cum Eating Meditation

Mistress Brighton introduces cum eating meditation. The cum slut mindfuck. 1-800-601-6975

Don’t worry, I have this affect on everyone. That strange tingle you get when you look at me means it’s only a matter of time before I have you eating out of my hand. I have a knack for finding out your secrets, because you willingly tell them to me. So when the power of suggestion takes over, and you feel the urge to be programmed, it’s no surprise you asked for cum eating meditation.

Cum Eating Conditioning

My phone sex meditation induction will be nothing short of an absolute mindfuck. Your senses will be overloaded with pretty pictures of cum sluts eagerly receiving load after load of sperm, and soon, you will be, too. The best part? When I’m done with you, you won’t remember what life was like for you before you started craving the taste of your own cum. You want it. You love the taste of your own cum don’t you? Yes, yes you do. The answer is always YES.

Cum Eating Meditation

It’s a dizzying feeling, isn’t it? The sound of my voice telling you to stroke, telling you all the things you know are true, telling you that you are a cum eater and that you are addicted to eating your own cum. It’s all downhill from here, and you know what happens to cum eaters, don’t you? Cum eating is the gateway drug of choice for cock thirsty cum sluts. That’s right. You knew all along didn’t you? It’s a shame you don’t remember all the cocks you deep throated during our sessions. Such a pity, because I do remember the look of complete bliss on your face when I told you to drop to your knees and start sucking. The bliss when you received load after load of jizz. You can handle the truth, can’t you? You know what you are. Call me to start your cum eating training. 1-800-601-6975 Ask for Brighton.

Kisses and…. FUCK OFF!

Mistress Brighton

5 comments to Cum Eating Meditation – The Goddess of Mindfuck

  • Oh, *my*, Ms. Brighton! *I* wanted to eat my cum after listening to your hypnotizing voice full of mesmerizing instructions.

    In reality, whenever you are talking to all of us, your voice lulls us (me at least!) into a dreamy, hungry place. Heck, if you make *me* put my hand between my legs, what are you doing to the men who listen to you?

    Love this meditation, you Seductress!

    • Brighton

      *giggles* I do have that effect, and I think hearing my voice is all the reward they need if they are a good mindless slut and eat their cummies! And you are welcome! 😀

  • Sissy Chrissy

    I’ve masturbated countless times with plans to eat it afterward. But I’ve rarely followed through once I’m no longer horny. What has worked is rolling backwards so I cum on my face and catch some in my mouth. That makes me feel like such a nasty sissy cumslut!

    It is my opinion that sissies should only be allowed to cum in order to develop a taste and craving for cum.

    • Brighton

      I totally agree, it’s a good form of control and also reminds sissies of their place. You’re not the boss if you’re eating your own cum. 😉

  • […] and many variants of cum eating fantasies, exist and thrive in the virtual world. There are cum eating mantras, meditations, and even virtual cum addiction apps in world that you can play with and set […]

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