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Sugar Plum Femdoms – Christmas Blog Train

Sugar Plum Femdoms

Miss Brighton wants to help you get into the Christmas spirit with Sugar Plum Femdoms! All aboard the Christmas blog train! 1-800-601-6975

Greetings sluts, subs, and cum whores! I would like to personally welcome you all to the 2016 Christmas blog train, titled: Sugar Plum Femdoms. This year, we’re going to keep it kinky and sexy, with new Christmas themed blog posts from the ladies of LDW. Each day a different post, from a different mistress. If you recall, last year the sexy Kay Marie hosted Kinky Wonderland, and I had a blast taking part in – and reading all the entries. There were plenty of orgasms, denials, and strapons being spread with holiday cheer!

Sugar Plum Femdoms

My theme for Christmas this year is going to be giving. Because I’m feeling rather altruistic, and I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they get an unexpected surprise. Giving as in that new pair of crotchless panties for my favorite sissy slut boi; giving as in the warmth my boyfriend will receive from my new strapon, right up his love cave; giving as in brand new crystal goblets, for my favorite cum slut to drink his jizz out of. That’s right boys and girls… I’m gonna give til it hurts! If you remember, last years theme was “under the mistletoe” where my subbie made VERY good use of his mouth… mmmmm.

How To Follow The Christmas Blog Train

So would you like to know how to follow the blog train? Start right here. The next blog post will be up tomorrow. Each blog will include a corresponding link to the next blog in the train. All you have to do is hop on board and hold onto your hats… and your panties if you’re wearing a pair. ย Feeling festive during your journey? You know what to do. Call 1-800-601-6975 and show us just how excited you are. But remember, don’t get too excited, and no stroking that meat pole without mistresses permission.

Up Next…

Our next stop on the blog train is a very naughty, sexy redhead by the name of Scarlet, whom I had the pleasure of humping- I mean meeting, in October during our Mistresses At Sea celebration! You can check out her blog post here: ย The Scarlet Mistress

sugar plum femdoms

11 comments to Sugar Plum Femdoms – Christmas Blog Train

  • Whooooo whooooo! The Sugar Plum Femdom Express is looking so festive as it pulls out of the station. Way to go, Brighton, for being our most sexy conductor this season. I already know this blog train will be special because of the amazingly creative ladies behind each post. I’d better get my strap-on ready. Never know who *I* will end up behind before this ride is over. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Goddess Brighton:

    I’m in on “the Sugar Plum Femdom Train”. You LDW ladies are fantastic and I consider it a privilege to serve you all, especially my owner the supreme “Empress Ms. Lilly” which I hope is going to be in on the fun this season. Oh and by the the way this Sissy Boi Cum Slut Whore always wears panties and other feminine items as often as possible. I just love being a submissive fairy.


  • Yes, you certainly did do the sugar plum dance with Ms. Scarlet at sea. Not that my voyeuristic eyes gazed upon any kind of sexy shenanigans! You my hottie Mistress friend are a very sexy Conductor with a very sexy caboose! So good at starting engines and also bringing up the rear! xxoo

  • I completely support “giving til it hurts!” Don’t you love it when a subbie feels inspired to give until it hurts too? Oh the yelps of holiday joy from the spanks, CBT, and other Mistress delights! We do so love to stuff our subbie’s stockings, don’t we?

  • churchmouse

    Mistress Brighton! Yes!

    It’s been too long! I want to ride the Christmas RAIL! It’s refreshing to see many of the mistresses I used to look to for visual stimulation before actually contacting you get in on the comment section! Smmmmm

  • Goddess:

    Thank you for giving this “Sissy Slut Queen” what you knew she needed. As most everyone knows I love huge cock (doesn’t matter if it is your strapon or the nice and juice filled real thing or both at the same time) and you certainly did an excellent job of providing both for me last night. All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. After a day of spreading cheer to those that chose to provide me a tasteful protein shot you inspired me to return to the cock store and provide many more (4) gentlemen with the relief they so much deserved.

    Cock Whore,


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