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Giantess Worship – The Human Dildo

giantess worship

Giantess Worship as a human dildo? Miss Brighton wants your head in her muffin. 1-800-601-6975

If you want to properly perform giantess worship, I’m gonna need you to stick your head in my muffin. That’s right, you heard correctly. Your giantess queen wishes to be served, and in order to make me happy, I’m going to turn you into a living, breathing, human dildo.

Giantess Worship

If you’re not familiar with Giantess phone sex, it is usually a fetish involving a giantess woman, or sometimes a very tall and muscular woman, dominating her male subjects. In some cases making them do humiliating things as they are too small and puny to resist. Giantess fantasies are very similar to shrinking fetish fantasies as well, both of which I love and they are so much fun. I actually had a giantess call the other week, where I made my tiny man lick my titties and then use his tiny tongue on love bud until I came screaming and drowned him in my juices. Intrigued? Would you like me to go on? Of course you do!

The Human Dildo

In some fantasies, similar to what would happen if you were lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to stumble upon Giantess Island, the human male subjects (or female) would be utilized in various compromising situations. Like being used as a human dildo and pumping away at Giantess Brighton’s love cave, being smothered as a result. Some giantess role playing involves vore, where the tiny human is eaten by his giantess master.

Miss Brighton The Giant?

Erotic Audios

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Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned giantess worship before on my blog, but I will be doing more stories on the subject. I would love to hear any suggestions you might have for giantess stories, you never know, your input might result in a steamy giantess fiction. I am also interested in doing some giantess audios. And speaking of audios, we’re having a sale in the new Phone Sex Audios store! All throughout the month of June, if you purchase any erotic audio, from the Enchantrix Audio store, you get 50% off. Sounds like a sweet deal, doesn’t it? I think so. So stay tuned for more, and if you’d like to set up a giantess session with big bad Brighton, you can call me at 1-800-601-6975. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cocktails And Cocksucking: Tiny Tim’s SPH Adventure

Breast Worship And Nipple Play – They’re Called Fun Bags For A Reason!

breast worship

Breast Worship with Goddess Brighton 1-800-601-6975

I don’t know why I haven’t done a blog post dedicated to breast worship, sooner, but here it is. I am a very generous body worship enthusiast. I like riding faces, getting you addicted to my ass, licking blueberry jam off my toes (or nacho cheese), the works. And I enjoy having everything from my head to my toes, worshiped, but one of my favorite things, is nipple play and breast worship, both giving and receiving.

Breast Worship

Breast worship as a form of submission, is a joy and a privilege not to be had by all, but the very fortunate indeed. Luckily for me and my boy toy, he enjoys “serving” me, by kissing, licking, sucking, and massaging my breasts, and I definitely enjoy receiving. Nothing gets me warmed up faster than special attention to my breasts – when I’m in the mood for that, of course. And I usually am.

Nipple Play

For me, nipple stimulating is right at the top of my list of “Things that will get mistress hot and horny” among other things. I’m not into pain as far as my own nipples go, but I do enjoy having them serviced. The boy toy does like his treated just a little more roughly. Hard pinching, a little biting, the occasional clamps and tugging. What I can tell you is that finding someone who enjoys nipple play as much as you do, heightens the experience.

Nipple Orgasms

Some people can cum just from nipple stimulation, which I find quite erotic. For those who do enjoy nipple play, they may find that their nips are hardwired directly to their genitalia, and it’s a lovely trip into arousal, when those high beams are switched on. So are you a nipple play enthusiast? I’d love to play with you. And if you’re thinking about worshiping my breasts, call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton


Ruined Orgasm – The Ultimate Dangling Carrot

ruined orgasm

Miss Brighton wants to give you a ruined orgasm. 1-800-601-6975

When you hear the words, ruined orgasm, what does that mean, to you? Do you imagine something horrible happening to you at the hands of your mistress, right before you blast off? A tease and denial session from hell with you leaving cock control at your domme’s disposal? Let me tell you about a subbie who we will call Randy.

Ruined Orgasm – Denying The Thing You Want Most

Randy came to me, not sure what he wanted to experience, and frustratingly unable to verbalize his desires. So I took matters into my own hands. “Do you want to cum?” I asked. He nodded his head eagerly, and I told him to strip and go sit in the chair in the center of the room. “Hands behind your back.” His face crumpled in confusion as I tied his hands behind his back, so that he was naked and helpless. Then his eyes lit up like an overly happy golden retriever, as I took his cock into my hand and began to stroke. I locked eyes with him, “do you like when I stroke “my cock?” I asked, as I continued my mistressy hand job.  He nodded again, understanding that what I was holding, I also now owned.

Pumped And Primed For The Big Let Down

I could tell the way he bucked, and groaned, and thrusted into my hand, that he was getting close. I made him sit still, “or the stroking will stop.” He sat still, beads of sweat breaking out over his brow. I pumped, and jacked MY dick, up and down, until he whimpered. “Do you still want to cum?” I asked. “Yes!” he cried out, “I’m about to cum now!” And then, just as quickly as I had begun, I pulled my hand away, watching his horror struck expression, as his orgasm fizzled before his eyes, cock dribbling against his belly.  “B-but mistress why??” he pleaded, “I thought you were going to make me cum?” I laughed, and laughed…. that high pitched, highly amused laugh of mine. “Silly boy,” I said, “I asked you if you wanted to cum. I didn’t say I was going to LET you cum.”  It was then that he realized what he wanted all along. To be denied, controlled, and humbled by taking away his prized possession. And he had now achieved that, with his ruined orgasm. And he was hooked.  I know you want to be my wanton, horny slut now don’t you? 1-800-601-6975 is how you can reach me, just ask for Brighton. Hope to hear from you soon, so that we can explore your orgasm denial together.

Mean Mistress Humiliation – Sweet As Pie

mean mistress

Does the mean mistress side of Brighton exist? 1-800-601-6975

There is something about playing with a mean mistress, isn’t there? In my past year at LDW, many know me as the fun, sensual, lighthearted mistress who loves throwing cake and sticking things up people’s buttholes. But I have been asked on numerous occasions, if Mistress Brighton has a mean streak?

Mean Mistress – The Dark Side

There’s no cut and dry answer to the above question. I do enjoy more sensual humiliation, and comedic forms of femdom. I also enjoy a good mind fuck. However, if you want to see my mean mistress side, you have to earn it. How does one earn access to mean mistress Brighton? Well.. there’s no cut and dry answer to that either. She comes out when she feels like being bothered with the lowly peasants, which isn’t often. What I can tell you – about Mean Mistress Brighton – is that she usually emerges when someone has done one of the following:

Displeased me.
Failed to follow instructions.
Fails to answer a direct question.
Managed to somehow annoy the shit out of me – which is no small feat.
Pissed me off – again… congratulations if you manage that.

Flipping My Bitch Switch

If you’ve been reading my blog posts up to this point, then you may already know that she exists in some form or another. I’ve actually made a sub cry on more than one occasion because they activated Mean Mistress 2.0. But the OTHER thing that I’ve yet to mention, is that I do mean mistress calls on a regular basis, but only with those that I have a rapport with. If me and my caller have a good relationship – and I’ve gotten to know his kinks and triggers very well – there’s no limit to the depths of hell I will take them to, if that is their wish.

But it’s not something I’m going to do for everyone. And also keep in mind that being disrespectful to me isn’t going to bring out my mean side, it’s just going to get you ignored, so don’t be an idiot. Just imagine a dark, mysterious figure, sitting at her throne, with several layers of guards surrounding her from every angle. You have to get through those guards, to get to that insatiable she devil. Do you dare to try? Can you handle my mean streak? There’s only one way to find out. Get to know me, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll show you that dark side. 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach me, just ask for Brighton. Hope to chat with you soon.

Mistress Brighton’s LDW One Year Anniversary

Mistress Brighton's One Year Anniversary

Mistress Brighton wants you to celebrate her one year anniversary. 1-800-601-6975

Wowee! It is hard to believe it’s my anniversary month already, and that I’ve been with LDW for a year, and yet here we are. I feel very grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of ladies here at Enchantrix Empire, and I appreciate the time I’ve spent getting to know all the mistresses, as well as my callers and EE members. How am I celebrating my one year anniversary? Well you know there’s going to be cake, that’s a given – but in addition to that I am giving YOU all a gift, from me.

It’s My One Year Anniversary

In honor of my first year at LDW, I am giving away three special gifts. The first, is that from now until 7/16/16, you get five free minutes on any call over 10 minutes or more with me. That basically means if you purchase a 10 minute session, you get 15 minutes for the price of ten; 20 minutes for the price of 15, and so on. This offer extends to texting and skype only sessions as well, just let the dispatcher know when you call that you’re interested in the special offer. Remember, to qualify for this special offer you must purchase a 10 minute or longer call session.


My second and third gift will be a free “naughty” picture for everyone who calls me between now and July 16th, and has a session of 15 minutes or longer.  In addition to that you get a free “naughty” audio of yours truly with your 15 minute+ call. What sort of naughty audio, you ask? Why none other than The Sounds of Orgasm, that is… my orgasm.

Anniversary Gifting

While you do know that gifts are not required, they are always welcome! My amazon wishlist would probably be the easiest way to send me a token of your appreciation, however I will let you know that I have my eye on a few items from an incense/aromatherapy site, as I’ve been feeding my incense burning addiction as of late.

Ready To Party?

So what are you waiting for? Join me in some anniversary fun by calling 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. I hope I get to party with you! Here’s to a great year and plenty of debauchery to cum. Heheheh… *kisses*

Body Worship – Brighton For Dessert

Body Worship to keep your mouth busy, with Mistress Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

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Sensory Deprivation – A Journey Down The Rabbit Hole

Sensory Deprivation. Embrace the darkness. 1-800-601-6975

I’m sure some of you are familiar with sensory deprivation, blindfold domination or blindfold fetishes. There is something that makes people both scared and horny, about losing their sight; losing control of what – for some – is one of your most important senses. There’s even a company . . . → Read More: Sensory Deprivation – A Journey Down The Rabbit Hole

London Calling

London Calling – Mistress Brighton is headed to the UK 1-800-601-6975

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My First Vibrator: Vibrating Rabbits And Other Fables

My first vibrator was a very special purchase, and an even more exciting experience! 1-800-601-6975

If you remember my last Masturbation May post, I talked about the sounds of orgasm, and briefly mentioned my very first orgasm experience. But I don’t think I’ve ever told the story of my very first vibrator!

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Masturbation May Blog Train

All aboard the Masturbation May Blog Train! 1-800-601-6975

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