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Doll Factory Feminization – Men Walk In But They Don’t Walk Out

doll factory feminization

Doll factory feminization turns men into sissified barbie dolls. 1-800-601-6975

I had an idea for a doll factory feminization that I wanted to run by you guys. I got the idea from something I saw in my virtual travels. What if there was a real life doll factory, factory line and all, where you can send men in… but they don’t come back out as men.

Doll Factory Feminization Gets You Sissified

Picture this, your mind in a haze, and suddenly there’s a glowing door in front of you. Mistress Brighton standing behind you and smiling, go ahead in! You wander blindly into the double doors, a flash of light, and BOOM. You’re transported into a mysterious factory. You hear a snap, and suddenly you’re strapped to a conveyor belt. What the fuckery???!!! You scream as the machinery comes to life, and the conveyor belt starts moving. Now you’re beginning to regret that time you jokingly told Mistress Brighton, that you secretly always wanted to be a barbie doll, aren’t you?

Too Late Sissy Doll There’s No Turning Back

As the conveyor belt turns and stops in front of a panel with a series of flashing lights, you hear a loud alarm blare out, followed by you being shrouded in darkness. You feel your “boy clothes” being stripped away, and a strange tickling and rather cool whoosh of what feels like air, washing over your body. As the darkness clears, you shriek, when you look down and find that the whoosh of air, was all your body hair being removed. The sissification nightmare continues, moving down the production line to your next stop, and with every stop you make, you begin to look less like a man, and more and more, like a living, breathing, sissy barbie doll.

Doll Factory Feminization

Mistress Brighton takes you down the path… or the conveyor belt, to sissification in doll factory feminization. 1-800-601-6975

The End Result

End of the line, sissy! The straps pop, you hear the crinkling of a box and cellophane wrapping, and you’re suddenly launched out of the assembly line room and out the doors. Except….. you can’t move, because you’re in a big.. pink… box! Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You’ve finally achieved your wish, sissy, and are now and forever, a sissy barbie doll. Ready for your sissy doll transformation? Call me! 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach the wicked, gorgeous, and talented, Goddess Brighton. I’ll be waiting for you, at the doll factory. *evil laugh*


Mistress Brighton

CMNF Femdom – Nude Mistress Teaches You A Lesson

CMNF Femdom

CMNF Femdom Mistress teases you with her nudity. 1-800-601-6975

Some men are under the impression that a naked woman’s body equals permission to touch, disrespect, or degrade a woman. Recently I had an encounter and was told that it’s not Mistressy for a woman to be undressed or scantily clad. Which is funny, because whether or not I had clothes on, didn’t stop him from dropping to his knees, when I grab his nuts and twisted to the left. Let’s have a discussion about CMNF Femdom. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong, it stands for CLOTHED MALE, NAKED FEMALE.

Clothed Male Naked Female Femdom Worship

Being respected and having clothes on are not mutually exclusive. I can wear high heels and a smile, and still, subjugate a man and use him as my personal doormat. CMNF Femdom is the perfect training utility to drive this point home. Head down, eyes on the floor, kneeling at my feet, and knowing that I am naked and that you can neither look at me nor touch me – plus the sensual element of teasing – makes being naked quite pleasurable, for a Mistress who enjoys taking her clothes off. And you should know by now, that I love flipping the script. Wearing clothing all the time gets boring, and while CFNM is also very entertaining, if you’re a man that enjoys any form of humiliation or sensual teasing, this can turn things up a notch, especially if one of the items of clothing you’re wearing, is a cock cage.

Unhealthy Perceptions Of Women And The Female Form

Society has given both men and women, a very unhealthy view of the naked body. One of the things I love about CMNF Femdom is that it gives the middle finger, to any man or woman, who believes that a naked body is a consent to be disrespected or violated. Simply put, your Fem Domme can wear whatever she wants, and you’re going to respect her, or you can go fuck yourself.  Even better, she will make sure you never walk on two legs again, and speak in a high pitched voice, once she kicks your balls into your throat. For women who behave prudishly, towards a woman’s sexual expression, and nudity, DO BETTER. There’s no reason in the world that a woman’s naked body needs to make anyone feel threatened or offended. Within the realm of consenting adults, and submissives, what I choose to wear, or even if I’m naked, won’t stop me from denying your orgasm, fucking you up the ass with my strapon, or smothering you under my bare ass. Ready to be teased and tormented, with your clothes on? Call me! 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach Mistress Brighton. I look forward to strutting my stuff in the nude and making your balls ache.



Mistress Brighton

Virtual Femdom Life – Enchantrix Empire News And New Guest Femdoms!

Virtual Femdom Life

Virtual Femdom Life is heating up, and Miss Brighton would love for you to join us! 1-800-601-6975

I’ve been promoting our virtual Femdom sim, Enchantrix Empire, since it opened at the beginning of last year. And I thought it would be nice to update you all on what’s been happening in our virtual world of phone sex! There’s a lot happening in our virtual femdom life, those of us involved with the project are very excited, and we have two guest Mistresses doing sessions on the sim, who are also now available for text sessions and phone sessions!

Virtual Femdom Life

Virtual Femdom Life

As of right now, we have a temporary great room set up for our guests and customers, and we are currently doing a little rebuilding. Now I can’t show you what we’re working on, but trust me you’re going to love it!  Why should you consider doing virtual world session? Take CFNM for instance. You can get naked for the Enchantrix Mistresses, and get the pleasure and excitement of being exposed for our entertainment!  You’re a sissy? Let me just inform you that our LDW clients that just so happen to be sissies are LOVING their virtual experience. Like strapon play and cocksucking? Mistress Brighton’s lady cock is ready for pegging that slutty ass of yours and then shoving a cock in your mouth. We even have boy toys that join our sessions on occasion, perfect for cuckolds! We also have a new Fembot by the name of Kristen. She’s still being programmed, but she’ll give you a WARM welcome if you visit our great room!

Virtual World Phone Sex

New Mistresses At The Virtual Empire

In addition to updating the sim, we have some sexy new arrivals on, who are available for in-world sessions. You may have noticed their profiles on the sexy texting site. If you’re interested in doing phone and virtual, you have the option of calling them or doing a Skype session. Please make sure you welcome our two new virtual guest Mistresses, Duchess Willow, and Goddess Bethany, to Enchantrix! Willow is a D/s switch, and Bethany has a little something extra in the “meaty” department! You can purchase a session with either of them or both of them by calling 1-800-539-4566. You can also reach any of the Mistresses available in-world at that number, including me! I do hope you’ll consider joining us at the Empire, and stay tuned for more virtual news!

That’s all for now…



Mistress Brighton

Mistress Revenge – Coerced Masturbation Orgasmo Machine

coerced masturbation

Coerced masturbation torment gets twisted with Miss Brighton’s Orgasmo Machine. 1-800-601-6975

coerced masturbationThere are times when the word NO, doesn’t mean “no cumming.” In the case of coerced masturbation, this holds true. And it is my favorite form of revenge on a disobedient sub who has a hard time following directions. Coerced masturbation simply means you will be masturbating – and you might even be cumming – but you’re not going to enjoy it nearly as much as you might think. You’d better wipe that smile off your face pet, this is not going to go the way you’d planned.

Coerced Masturbation – The Orgasmo Machine

As you’re strapped to the long table, helpless and confused, your eyes are drawn to the penis pump, and the tube extending out the other end of it. Traveling the length of the tube there is a large canister attached, meant to collect every drop of fluid, extracted from your greedy cock. You realize all too quickly, that having your coerced orgasms drawn from you with no control over them, may be rather excruciating. I smile down at you as I slide the pump onto your helpless dick, and lock the device in place.

Mistress Revenge With Coerced Orgasms

Your cock wasn’t hard when I locked you into the pump, but as I flip a switch and the click and whir of the pump coming to life as it works up and down your dick, you cannot help but get hard at the motion. You start to struggle, pleading eyes begging me to set you free. Desperate promises to be a good boy. I look down at you, smiling, and very clearly mouth the word: NO.




NO. You may not be released.

NO. You may not stop cumming.

NO. You may not stop stroking.

To your horror, you feel the impending urge to release. As the very first rush of cum spurts from your cock, sucked through the tube and into the canister, you hear the pump begin to speed up.  Above your head the cum eating funnel awaits you. Once enough cum has been collected, it will be fed right back to you as sustenance.  Maybe you should have done as you were told, hmm?  Mistress Brighton sits in her chair, sipping a glass of wine, and chuckling, building to uncontrollable laughter, as your screams echo through the chamber.

Do you enjoy coerced masturbation and wicked torment? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. If you’d like to roleplay this in the virtual world go to virtual world phone sex to get interactive!



Mistress Brighton

New Years Advice For The Socially Impaired

New Years Advice

Mistress Brighton shares New Years Advice and her personal thoughts. 1-800-601-6975

This post is a little off the beaten – okay a lot off the beaten path. Beatings will resume after I’ve gotten some things off my chest. *smiles sweetly* This post is for myself, and for those of us who suffer from being socially awkward, who have ever felt like they were either not appreciated or completely ignored. I’m not the dear Abby, advice giving type, and unless I have something to say I like to keep things light and fluffy. I have something to say, right now, and I’m going to say it, regardless of how people take it.

A Different Kind Of Social Justice Warrior

If you care about someone show them by your actions. It’s very easy to say “I love you” to someone, and you may even mean it, but do your actions reflect your words? I am a self-proclaimed introvert, I have always enjoyed my own company. Some of the amazingly creative and intelligent women I work with are also introverts. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen some interesting things transpire, personally. I also had a heart to heart with someone about something very personal. What I came away with from that conversation, is that sometimes even if you have a very good reason for doing something, your intentions might not be clear to the other person, and may be misconstrued.

You can avoid a lot of hurt feelings by keeping the lines of communication open, and addressing whatever it is that might be causing the misunderstanding. You can also avoid hurt feelings by knowing when to “pull out” and no I’m not talking about penises. I have a three strike, and sometimes one strike rule: If you’ve expressed how you feel about something a person did, and they still do it, that person doesn’t respect you and they’re not about to start. It’s time to cut them loose. But if this hasn’t happened, if you haven’t had “the talk,” then sometimes that’s the most difficult part. Speaking the unspeakable. Before you do, decide if it’s worth it to have “the talk” or if you should just leave the person in question alone.

Tap Into Your Feelings – Stay Connected To Your Emotions

If you decide it’s worth it to address issues, pay attention to how they react or respond to you, and also pay attention to how you respond to them. If they’re still not getting it, or still repeating the unacceptable behavior, that’s your green light to let them go and focus on healing from within. Because honestly anytime I’ve ever had to cut people loose it’s left a mark. Energy is something you have to be mindful of; what type of energy is coming from the people around you, and are you honoring yourself.

If you find you’re dishonoring yourself, leaking energy, or being drained by something or someone who doesn’t serve you or your needs, and your needs aren’t being met, it’s okay to cut them off. At the end of the day you owe yourself a fair chance, and to allow people to clean up their own messes. We are all accountable for our behavior, and while I don’t believe in victim blaming, I also firmly believe that there is a final point where you have to stop playing the victim. Not an easy thing to say, and even harder for some people to hear, but it needs to be said.

Shit Happens – What Matters Most Is How You Deal With It

I have in my life been through traumatic experiences, I use every day as an opportunity to learn and grow from that instead of whining about it. I’m strong because I have to be because I choose to be accountable for my successes and failures. I realize that the energy I put into something is what I’ll get out of it. I also know that going through any type of trauma doesn’t give you the green light to be an asshole to other people – and I see this happening far too often.

In summary? Don’t be a dick (there’s a time and place for sword fighting *wink*). If you love someone show them, in addition to telling them. Honor yourself. Allow yourself to heal. Assess whether a situation is worth addressing or omitting. Focus on the positive. It may sound trite, however, I have found in the past year that we give way too much energy to the opposite of that.

This blog post is not directed at anyone in particular. This blog post is personal. And while I love being a Femdom, I am also a woman who has her own faults she is learning from and better learning how to deal with. And still healing. I wish you all a kinder, gentler 2018, lots of healing, and of course, fun and enjoyment. Take care of yourself.


Mistress Brighton

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Figging BDSM is the way to intensify your anal play. 1-800-601-6975

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The 2017 Christmas Blog Train Is Pulling Into The Station!

The 2017 Christmas Blog Train is here! 1-800-601-6975

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Can you handle blow job teasing? Miss Brighton invites you to take the 300 challenge. 1-800-601-6975

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Two Mistress Phone Sex Tuesday – 2 For The Price Of One

Two Mistress Phone Sex Tuesday and more free phone sex giveaways! 1-800-601-6975

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