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Coerced Orgasms – Overstimulation Kink And A Femdom Deviant

coerced orgasms

Coerced Orgasms from Miss Brighton? Prepare for your worst nightmare. 1-800-601-6975

I discovered over the past few um.. days, that I have an overstimulation kink. I was talking to one of the other Mistresses, who has the same kink, except for her, she’s a switch and well… we can talk about her dirty fantasy in another blog, because her fantasy is just as hot. Our conversation about coerced orgasms got me thinking, and made my nipples tingle, because I DO have a very specific fantasy involving coerced orgasms and sissies. Remember my Christmas Fairy blog? Well it involves strapons, and cruel devices. And this particular fetish of mine, is not exclusive to sissies.

Coerced Orgasms

In my particular kinky fantasy, I have a former “man” that I transform with my witchy femdom powers, into a sissy girl. Her formerly phallic apparatus is turned into her sissy clit, and her little berries and sissy clit are affixed with a remote operated device, that not only stimulates, but sends vibrations and tiny electrical impulses to her sissy twat, triggering orgasms that are continuous. In otherwords I can make the little whore cum whenever I want, and as often as I want. She could be walking down the street climaxing and no one would know what was wrong with her. Think, Hitachi wand from hell! But it doesn’t stop there. It’s no fun if Mistress isn’t getting hers!

Overstimulation And Strapon Domination

As things intensify, I decide I want to have my way with my wanton sissy, bending her over and plowing her muffin with my strapon dildo. But not just any dildo! A vibrating, male g-spot stimulating strapon made just for boi pussies! Ever wonder why God put your g-spot up your ass, guys? Personally I don’t care about the why, I’m just glad “she” has a wicked sense of humor. And so as it goes, with every pump of my strapon, along with your special clit cage, you will be cumming, repeatedly, until you either pass out or I’ve decided you had enough. Could be a dream cum true for you orgasm denial subs… YOU THOUGHT! I am unrelenting when it comes to coerced orgasms, and I am not going to take it easy on you. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not the nurturing type when it comes to sissies, and I am not your fucking mommy. I am utterly demented in what I do to, and with sissy bois, make sure you understand that before you approach me. I want to fuck you, use you, humiliate you, and make you scream my name backwards, and I will fucking own you. Think you can handle non stop sissy clit and anal orgasms at the hand of your Mistress? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton!

Virtual Phone Sex – Getting Set Up With A Little Help From A Mistress

virtual phone sex

Mistress Brighton invites you to try virtual phone sex. 1-800-601-6975

The Virtual World of phone sex has been a big hit for Enchantrix Empire, and I can’t say enough about what an amazing experience it is to meet callers in world. I am referring to virtual phone sex on our in world sim. We have been getting quite a few LDW oldies and newbies joining us, and also many inquiries on how to join us in our virtual phone sex playground. If you’re new to 3D gaming and virtual sex, I am here to help you out!

Virtual Phone Sex – Mistress Helps You Out

Since this is something I have done for a few of my callers, I am extending the offer to help you get set up to join us virtually, by scheduling a phone sex session via skype. Walking you through virtual world set up is much easier than trying to walk you through over the phone, which is why I mentioned. And the added bonus is that you get to play and spend time with your femdom Mistress while she’s helping you with all those pesky settings.

Femdom Fun In 3D

So what happens once you’re ready to play with the ladies of Enchantrix Empire? That’s up to you… and my wicked mind of course. From spankings to strap-ons or bondage, your 3D femdom play can last for as long as you want it to. Think you’re up for it and would like some help getting started? Call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton to set up your skype session and let’s have some fun. You can also email or message me on skype if you have any questions about what you need. Talk soon!

Spiritual Femdom – Spirituality In BDSM (What I learned from my time in the desert)

spiritual femdom

Spiritual Femdom: Miss Brighton wants to take you higher with spiritual BDSM 1-800-601-6975

Greetings earthlings! I am back in the saddle, looking great and feeling great. The week before last I went on what was the commencement of a 6 month long journey, and it got me to thinking about spiritual femdom. Does spirituality play a role in BDSM? I certainly think it does! This is much more of a personal post than just about femdom, but I hope that you glean something from my sharing it, and understand why it was so important to me.

Spiritual Femdom

Being in a D/s relationship with either a partner or your Mistress can be a very intimate, spiritual experience. For some submissives, losing control is an outlet of release for them, and a way to relieve stress. For me personally, spirituality is infused in every part of my life, including work and play. I only do things that I enjoy – that includes work – and I only engage in topics and fantasies with my callers that both of us will enjoy. It’s important for both parties to be happy with their experience, and it’s important for me to be at peace, and happy with all aspects of my life experience.  I embarked on a very personal spiritual journey, that took six months to complete. During that journey there were times when I felt like I was going through hell on earth. It was not until the end of the program I signed up for, and graduated from, that I realized that this was my trial period, and that everything I went through was not only my calling but a blessing. I learned about not only standing up for myself, but about self sabotage and how to clear all the negative energy from my space and with that, people and things that do not serve me. That meant cutting a lot of people off, as well as ending relationships with bad habits. It’s an ongoing process.  But also being a dominant woman, and dealing with callers on a regular basis, it taught me that while they are here to serve me, I am also – in a sense – serving them, and wanting to give them the experience they are calling for.

Is Miss Brighton More Zen Now?

I have always been more zen than most, but I also know that I have room for work in all areas. I do not ever feel like I’m better than someone, no matter what situation I’m in, but I do know that there is no one like me, because there’s only one Brighton.   With that said, yes, I am mostly zen, but I will still tell you to go fuck yourself. Yes, there are days when I want to throat chop people, yes there are days when I do bitch about something, but I also know how to release it so that it doesn’t kill me. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t, and I am pleasant most days, because I know all too well my dark side, which is blunt, savage, and a raging bitch when angry. Being a peace loving creature doesn’t mean you let people step all over you. Just like in martial arts, you don’t learn martial arts to run around beating the crap out of people for no reason. It’s a lesson in centering and watching your mind and making sure those thoughts don’t turn into a shitstorm you created, and also yes, you learn self defense. I do not walk around cursing people out and clubbing them over the head with fold up chairs (while the visual does amuse me), in most cases as long as you don’t fuck with me, I leave you alone too. But this applies to all aspects of femdom: learning how to talk to people, respecting and being assertive in your boundaries, holding space for your sub, and clearing and cleansing your space for you and your client so that you’re not carrying around any energy that would not be good for either of you.

Funny Moments And That Yoga Instructor

Noteworthy: Yes he was hot, he was hung, we talked in depth before he fucked my brains out, and he has a lot of respect for me and what I do. My cuckold boy toy made a couple of “Namaste” and “downward facing dog” jokes when I told him about my desert shenanigans, but he too was very happy that I – who has never completed anything in my life, school related, aside from grade school – did this, followed through on it, and came out the other end a better person. Trust me, he saw all of my “I cried but I did the thing anyway” moments, and I had plenty! I make male friends very easily (can’t you tell?) but the thing I loved about this trip was (no… not just getting my brains fucked out), the sisterhood that has been missing in my life, and learning to trust women again. I can’t tell you how many times my sisterhood circle passed around the kleenex box when we finally all met up, and how many of us had those deep rooted trust issues with women. So… now you know why Brighton is so good at making men friends, and something personal about me that you probably didn’t know. There’s a lot of us – I think – that are starving for that lost sisterhood, and it’s heartbreaking, but I think it’s time for that to change. Because if anything, I think being a better sister to your fellow domme’s helps more than it hurts.

Showing Up And Being Present

We all have things in life that distract us, but one of my pet peeves is having a one sided conversation with someone who is distracted, not paying attention, can’t tell me or articulate what they want, or doing five thousand things while talking to me. If I did that to a caller they wouldn’t be calling me anymore. And I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m just saying that if I am doing my best to serve as your Dominant, then I expect you to bring your A game as my sub. I also offer phone sex meditation for those who need an inner self cleanse. Ready to have a spiritual femdom, come to Jesus moment with yours truly? Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.

Virtual Giantess Femdom – Tiny Men Are Welcome (Guest Blog from EnchantrixWillow)

virtual giantess femdom

Virtual Giantess Femdom at Enchantrix, for tiny men who love giant women. 1-800-539-4566

What’s up! Willow here. I’ve been doing a lot of roaming in world on the virtual grid, and I came across a Giantess sim, inhabited by tiny men! When I first came on board to Enchantrix, I learned that Giantess role play was a very popular fantasy for the men who do calls at LDW. It’s no different in world, and virtual giantess femdom is quite popular. Sadly there are not many areas similar to like.. a Giantess Island where you might find some of the ladies who do calls in world. Which gave me a great idea: Why not invite the tiny men, to the world of Enchantrix Empire?

Virtual Giantess Femdom

It was really fun chatting up some of the tiny locals, and I ended up inviting one of them to visit me at the empire. He’s a funny guy and told me that he is the resident “snack” for Giantess women. That made me laugh.. also made me kinda hungry as I had not yet had lunch.  I met snack boy upon my first visit. Then when I came back, lo and behold there were more of them! A lot of them have similar fantasies to the ones mentioned on Giantess Island, and the other blog posts I’ve seen. Some like vore, others like some very naughty fantasies involved being used for a giantess’ pleasure.

Tiny Antics

After inviting my little friend over, I must say it started tiny man fever at Enchantrix. Even our resident shorty short man got a kick out of being so tiny… and sitting in my lap. (Giggling) If you want to see for yourself, I have more pictures on my flickr account.  I have to say that with this being my first embarkation into Giantess territory, I am looking forward to exploring this more. If you’d like to do a session in world, hit me up at the Empire. You can find technical info by clicking this link. If I’m not on you can leave me an instant message in world and I will receive it in my inbox. Later!

Female Submissives – The Other Side Of Femdom

female submissives

Miss Brighton talks about Female Submissives and what it means to be one. 1-800-601-6975

I’ve been meaning to touch on this subject of female submissives for a while, and since we’ve launched in the virtual world, I have met quite a few women who are either femdom switches – like a few of our in world mistresses – or completely submissive, and interested in doing sessions with a dominatrix. I feel like we talk so much about women in dominant roles, being that we are a femdom service, but not nearly enough about submissive women and what it means to be one.

Female Submissives

My personal feeling is that one of the best ways to learn how to be dominant, is by first being submissive. Now some women are naturally dominant, others like to dance between the two. And then there are some women who prefer to be dominated, and are fully submissive. It should be clear right off the bat, that female submissives are deserving of just as much respect, as domme’s – if not more – because it’s my personal feeling that they have a very special insight into the world of femdom.

Submissive Women Are Not Doormats

Please recondition yourself, if you are under the assumption that if a woman says she is submissive, you can immediately bark orders at her and call her names. Being submissive does not mean a woman is a doormat. If anything submissives are very much aware of how vulnerable they are or can be, and as always, safety is very important. Having a good rapport with someone who might be a potential Mistress or Master, and getting to know them first is essential before you dive into a relationship with one. There are many predatory types out there that prey on submissives, so exercise caution if and when pursuing one.

A true dominant knows that respect and trust is key. I speak from experience, because while my preference is dominant, my boyfriend is a switch, and we’ve had some very interesting and exciting times, when the roles have been reversed! I am not – however – keen on very many people dominating me, as I prefer being in control. Plus I can’t tell you how many times some wanna be dom tried to pull his shenanigans with me and I laughed in his face. Don’t be that guy.

Speaking from a place of being on both sides, there is something very erotic about someone else being in control. For women, there are many who enjoy submitting to a man or woman, and know just how intimate and arousing the experience can be. There is a certain rush, that you get from being dominated, and if you are submissive you know the exact feeling I’m referring to.

Sessions With A Mistress

While sessions with a mistress are not exclusive to phone or virtual, if you are a submissive woman you are welcome to schedule a session via either avenue. I am comfortable talking with women, as I’ve done so in the past, so if you’re a woman reading this, don’t be shy! We’d love to have you. And as always I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, and any feedback on your experiences. 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach me, just ask for Brighton!

Enchantrix Tease Updates – Links And News From Miss Brighton

Mistress Brighton’s Enchantrix Tease Updates. 1-800-601-6975

Hello everybody, this is Brighton reporting to you live with Enchantrix Tease Updates! I just wanted to keep you all apprised of what’s going on in Brightonland this week. Of course as you may have been reading, the sissy pageant is coming up on Saturday, March 25th. . . . → Read More: Enchantrix Tease Updates – Links And News From Miss Brighton

Cross Dressing Is Sexy – Fucking A Man In Drag

Miss Brighton enjoys sensual cross dressing fun. 1-800-601-6975

I love it when my boyfriend puts on my lace panties and some stockings and heels. Seeing his cock swell against the fabric right before he takes me and fucks my brains out. Here’s why I think more men should explore cross dressing, and why . . . → Read More: Cross Dressing Is Sexy – Fucking A Man In Drag

Enchantrix Tease Updates – Sissy Pageant And Virtual Mistress Meet & Greet

Greetings everyone! It’s been a busy, crazy past couple of weeks, but I just wanted to keep you apprised of what’s going on in the world of Enchantrix and update you on anything you might have missed.

Enchantrix Empire hosts the 2017 Sissy Pageant

2017 Sissy Pageant

We’re doing it again! The 2017 . . . → Read More: Enchantrix Tease Updates – Sissy Pageant And Virtual Mistress Meet & Greet

BDSM Human Furniture – Exploring Bondage Creatively

Mistress Brighton is looking for volunteers to be her BDSM Human Furniture! 1-800-601-6975

Imagine being bound, gagged, and used as a coffee table, or a book shelf, for your domme? I have dreamed many times of what it would be like to have such a beautiful conversation piece, making themselves useful by being . . . → Read More: BDSM Human Furniture – Exploring Bondage Creatively

Masturbation Phone Sex – Hitachi Wand Let’s You Sing With Your Other Mouth

Masturbation Phone Sex with Mistress Brighton and her Hitachi Wand! 1-800-601-6975

Starting your day with an earth shattering orgasm before you’ve even had your coffee, is one of my favorite pasttimes. And yesterday morning I got to do just that, with a new gift: A Hitachi wand! Which brings me to the subject . . . → Read More: Masturbation Phone Sex – Hitachi Wand Let’s You Sing With Your Other Mouth