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Girl Crushes And Two Mistress Calls

girl crushes

This blog is all about girl crushes, and one in particular! 1-800-601-6975

You would have to be absolutely under a rock, to not know who my favorite playmate is. But perhaps that is unfair, as I have a few favorites (a lot) that I am pining away for with my girl crushes. But this particular blog post is not just about two mistress calls, it’s about my bestestestest girl crush, and a very good friend.

Girl Crushes Who Grope Together

I would be referring to Goddess Alyssa of course. When she isn’t chasing me wearing a pink strapon, or riding her dolphin, or being distracted by me sticking carrots up her butt, she is a great source of sisterhood for me and I always feel better after I talk to her. She’s become one of my closest friends, sissy humiliation accomplices, and I enjoy doing two mistresses calls with her. It could be that I have a thing for blondes perhaps? But Alyssa is my favorite blonde, and as one lovely lady who’s name ends in IX, put it: We are joined at the butt. LOL

The Adventures of Brighton & Alyssa

Oh we get into trouble together. When we aren’t enjoying long moonlit walks on the beach, or riding horseback at a nudist resort…. or crashing people’s houses and jumping off their diving board (they were totally fucking so they didn’t give a damn), we have gone on many an adventure, exploring and chatting up the men folk. She and I do love to dance… both horizontally and otherwise, and Alyssa is really good at finding parties. Hehe..  Want to hear about some of our adventures? A two mistress call with us would be the way to go! I can’t wait to share in all our mischief, with you.

Mistress Brighton

Your Enchantrix Tease


Enchantrix Tease Updates: Miss Brighton’s News Desk

enchantrix tease updates

Miss Brighton’s Enchantrix Tease Updates 1-800-601-6975

*straightens papers and looks into the camera*

Good evening! I am Goddess Brighton and here’s the “fuck off” news. (laughs) Hello, my darlings! We are now halfway through the first month of 2017, hard to believe right? I wanted to take this time out to let you know what’s been going on with me and to apologize for my crazy sporadic schedule as of late. While the year started off great for me, shortly after that I fell ill, and as much as I wanted to stay on to take calls, I had to take my advice regarding self-care, and cut my hours short so I could rest. With that said, I am feeling a little better, and I will be returning to some semblance of normalcy this week i.e., taking calls from about 12 pm until… and wreaking havoc in Brighton land.

Enchantrix Tease Updates: Blogs, Flogs, and Frogs

Many moons ago, I did a blog link post, to all my guest blogs around LDW land. I am happy to announce that there will be more coming soon, and I am updating my guest blog links to start the new year off, right here! Introducing Enchantrix Tease Updates, just in time for 2017. No frogs were harmed in the making of this post. *bad..ish!!!*

Brighton’s Links And Kinks

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Sugar Plum Femdoms – The LDW Mistresses Take You On A Holiday Train Ride

The last link is not a guest blog, but it is a master post from some of the amazing, intelligent femdom at Enchantrix, that was compiled over the holiday season. That’s all for now, but stay tuned, this post will be updated soon. Hugs and kissies!

Your Enchantrix Tease,

Mistress Brighton


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Witchcraft Femdom – Witchy Mistress Things

witchcraft femdom

Miss Brighton talks about witchcraft femdom and playing on the dark side. 1-800-601-6975

If you got a shiver up your spine reading the title of my new blog, that was my intent. *wink* I have done a bit of redecorating in my home lately, and recently acquired a new scrying bowl and cauldron, and it got me to thinking a lot about the fantasy aspect of femdom and roleplaying. Whether you realize it or not, you’re a lot closer to witchcraft femdom than you think!

Witchcraft Femdom

Femdom implements many different fetishes and fantasies, and there are many fantasy related fetishes in the femdom world. Where does witchcraft femdom come into play? Well think about it.. do you have a Giantess fetish? Have you ever role-played being dominated by a fairy or a witch who made you drink a magic potion that shrunk you down to fun sized? Are you into blasphemy and roleplaying scenes where a high priestess initiates you in exchange for your body and your soul or daydreamed of getting a tarot reading from a mystical princess?  The possibilities are endless!

Is Miss Brighton A Witch?

Eh.. I do not like titles.. unless we’re talking Goddess or Mistress. But I have dabbled in some forms of witchery in real life, in addition to my other vast spiritual beliefs. And while I’m not an expert, I am still learning and exploring the magic within. I do not subscribe to any religion, per say – but I do believe in the spirit and that it connects every one of us. I’ve also seen what the power of mind and spirit can do for a person. Witchcraft can be blended into any fantasy you can imagine, like those above, and one of my favorites: Guided Meditation.  And contrary to popular belief, there is nothing evil about magic, as there is light and dark in the world, and the two balance each other out. Of course, I’m sure you know what happens when you get too much darkness, don’t you? *giggle* So are you curious about witchcraft femdom, and how a woman can use her magic to cast a spell on you? I’d love to hear from you.

The Enchantrix Tease 2016 Year In Review

2016 year in review

My 2016 Year in Review has highs and lows and a very important message for us all. 1-800-601-6975

What a wild and crazy year it’s been huh? Hard to believe that it is now the 29th of December and we have two more days left before we enter into 2017. I know that some of you might be a little sad right now, in light of recent events, but I just want to let you all know you’re not alone.  This year – while it did have its highlights – was also very challenging. So this year in review is a bit more serious than my usual jovial wisecracking blog posts.

2016 Year In Review

If you have been following along with all my blog posts, you know that I did A LOT of traveling this year! It start with Coachella. Fun in the sun, working on the tan, galavanting with my girlfriends, and meeting a VERY hot Brit. MEOW!  Almost on the heels of that, a month later I ended up in London, and my only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer. There will definitely be a return trip just as fast as I can book my tickets!  You’d think I was done… but alas no! I ended my travels this year in Florida and boarded a very Mistressy cruise with some ladies who are beautiful inside and out. I really do feel a great sense of appreciation for the women I work with here and I don’t take that for granted.

A Journey Into The Depths

While I can’t say I’ve had a bad year, I have had an emotionally trying year.  Since I am a private person, I don’t discuss much of that here, but I will say that this year I said goodbye to someone who had a big impact on the reason I am the person that I have become. And while this person was estranged, it didn’t hurt any less. My past 6 months of the year pretty much spiraled and it has honestly been the wildest emotional roller coaster ride that I can ever remember experiencing. Without going into detail about all that, I want to tell all of you to take care of yourselves.  Take care of your mental health, because it is just as important as your physical health, and anger, and stress, and sadness over a period of time can take its toll on your body. People don’t like to talk about mental illness, but as someone who has dealt with it personally, and watched other people going through it, I cannot tell you enough times, how serious your mental health is.

People go through many different types of heartbreak, anxiety, depression, and they are just as debilitating as being physically ill, and they can MAKE you physically ill. This year made me realize that I have to make changes and that I can no longer just suck it up and pretend to be okay when I’m not okay and I know I need a time out for whatever reason. And I know that all of us individually have had a crazy year, for many different reasons, so please remember to be kind to each other, because you never know what someone else is going through, while you’re trying to pull your stuff together. I think oftentimes we’re so consumed with our own grief that we forget other people are suffering. And please don’t turn it into who’s had a crappier life competition, because while it might not be as bad as someone else, everyone’s feelings are valid.

I am saying all of this because I’m not afraid to talk about it, because I’ve seen first hand what neglecting your mental health – or not being properly diagnosed – can do to a person, so the subject of mental illness is very personal for me. Please remember that while I do cater to your femdom fantasies, I am also here if you just need to talk to someone. So if you’re not in the mood to get hung from the ceiling by your nipples on meat hooks, or having a cake shoved down the back of your panties, and you just feel like chatting, that is perfectly alright.

Going Into 2017

This year I am looking forward to a very positive awakening, mind, body and spirit wise, and I’m excited to see what this coming year is going to bring. Most importantly I want to thank the ladies at LDW, and you the customers, for making this such a wonderful place. I wish you all an awesome year with plenty of good vibes – or buttplugs hehe – health and prosperity. And again: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Sugar Plum Femdoms – Christmas Blog Train

Sugar Plum Femdoms

Miss Brighton wants to help you get into the Christmas spirit with Sugar Plum Femdoms! All aboard the Christmas blog train! 1-800-601-6975

Greetings sluts, subs, and cum whores! I would like to personally welcome you all to the 2016 Christmas blog train, titled: Sugar Plum Femdoms. This year, we’re going to keep it kinky and sexy, with new Christmas themed blog posts from the ladies of LDW. Each day a different post, from a different mistress. If you recall, last year the sexy Kay Marie hosted Kinky Wonderland, and I had a blast taking part in – and reading all the entries. There were plenty of orgasms, denials, and strapons being spread with holiday cheer!

Sugar Plum Femdoms

My theme for Christmas this year is going to be giving. Because I’m feeling rather altruistic, and I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they get an unexpected surprise. Giving as in that new pair of crotchless panties for my favorite sissy slut boi; giving as in the warmth my boyfriend will receive from my new strapon, right up his love cave; giving as in brand new crystal goblets, for my favorite cum slut to drink his jizz out of. That’s right boys and girls… I’m gonna give til it hurts! If you remember, last years theme was “under the mistletoe” where my subbie made VERY good use of his mouth… mmmmm.

How To Follow The Christmas Blog Train

So would you like to know how to follow the blog train? Start right here. The next blog post will be up tomorrow. Each blog will include a corresponding link to the next blog in the train. All you have to do is hop on board and hold onto your hats… and your panties if you’re wearing a pair.  Feeling festive during your journey? You know what to do. Call 1-800-601-6975 and show us just how excited you are. But remember, don’t get too excited, and no stroking that meat pole without mistresses permission.

Up Next…

Our next stop on the blog train is a very naughty, sexy redhead by the name of Scarlet, whom I had the pleasure of humping- I mean meeting, in October during our Mistresses At Sea celebration! You can check out her blog post here:  The Scarlet Mistress

sugar plum femdoms

Phone Sex Meditation – Trance Masturbation

Miss Brighton takes you down the rabbit hole with phone sex meditation. 1-800-601-6975

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Oral Sex Teasing – Dick Sucking Denial

Miss Brighton shows you what oral sex teasing is all about. 1-800-601-6975

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I’ll Suck A Dick If I Want To – Oral Sex Mistress

Mistress Brighton loves oral sex and sucking cock! 1-800-601-6975

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The Box – A Tale Of Sensory Deprivation

Explore sensory deprivation with Miss Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

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Happy Halloween From Brighton & Andi

Brighton & Andi are wishing you a Happy Halloween! 1-800-601-6975

Hi there! Before I left for Florida, I had the pleasure of sitting on Andi’s face- I mean sitting down with Andi and having a chat about all things Halloween. As you know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love . . . → Read More: Happy Halloween From Brighton & Andi