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Mistress Brighton’s LDW One Year Anniversary

Mistress Brighton's One Year Anniversary

Mistress Brighton wants you to celebrate her one year anniversary. 1-800-601-6975

Wowee! It is hard to believe it’s my anniversary month already, and that I’ve been with LDW for a year, and yet here we are. I feel very grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of ladies here at Enchantrix Empire, and I appreciate the time I’ve spent getting to know all the mistresses, as well as my callers and EE members. How am I celebrating my one year anniversary? Well you know there’s going to be cake, that’s a given – but in addition to that I am giving YOU all a gift, from me.

It’s My One Year Anniversary

In honor of my first year at LDW, I am giving away three special gifts. The first, is that from now until 7/16/16, you get five free minutes on any call over 10 minutes or more with me. That basically means if you purchase a 10 minute session, you get 15 minutes for the price of ten; 20 minutes for the price of 15, and so on. This offer extends to texting and skype only sessions as well, just let the dispatcher know when you call that you’re interested in the special offer. Remember, to qualify for this special offer you must purchase a 10 minute or longer call session.


My second and third gift will be a free “naughty” picture for everyone who calls me between now and July 16th, and has a session of 15 minutes or longer.  In addition to that you get a free “naughty” audio of yours truly with your 15 minute+ call. What sort of naughty audio, you ask? Why none other than The Sounds of Orgasm, that is… my orgasm.

Anniversary Gifting

While you do know that gifts are not required, they are always welcome! My amazon wishlist would probably be the easiest way to send me a token of your appreciation, however I will let you know that I have my eye on a few items from an incense/aromatherapy site, as I’ve been feeding my incense burning addiction as of late.

Ready To Party?

So what are you waiting for? Join me in some anniversary fun by calling 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. I hope I get to party with you! Here’s to a great year and plenty of debauchery to cum. Heheheh… *kisses*

Body Worship – Brighton For Dessert

Body Worship

Body Worship to keep your mouth busy, with Mistress Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

You know, I’ve gotta tell you guys, it’s really hard to do a lot of sightseeing in London when you’re too busy fucking. Oops! Six days wasn’t enough time to see all the sights, but I did get to see a member of the Night’s Watch live and in the flesh… or should I say, former member? Anyhoo, I’m referring to my future sex slave, Jon Snow – who I would love to show my version of queening – as he’s currently in a play at the West End. Me and my boy toy went to see him, and then…. we went back to his place and entertained ourselves. I ended up being the main course and the dessert.

Body Worship – London Style

I must say, someone was so happy to see me that… well… he couldn’t keep his hands off me while I was there. Which means he spent a lot of time showing me what body worship means to him, and I spent a lot of time sitting on his face, or his face was planted in my ass, or I was getting a full service shrimping job. Hehe… but I digress, this blog post is about body worship, no? And it’s something the British boy toy is well versed in.

The Multi-Faceted Delights Of Body Worship

One of the things I love about body worship, is that you don’t have to designate yourself to just one part. If you’re a foot man, you might have to earn the privilege of licking and sucking your mistresses toes, by doing other things that please her. In my case, the boy toy is not only a foot man, but an ass man, and I was delighted to indulge him, while having a glass of wine, or sitting in our little private booth at dinner and giggling while he licked my toes under the table. Personally I’m not shy about expressing the fact that I love having my pussy licked, and he’s not shy about diving face first into my muffin. I should add that we DID actually get out of the house…. eventually. What can I say, when you’re Brit boyfriend is insatiable and wants to give you 3+ orgasms a day are you going to discourage him? I’d love to hear about your body worship kinks, and perhaps tell you something naughty I let my Brit do to me while I was laying on his bed, but you’ll have to call me! 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Tootles! 😉

Sensory Deprivation – A Journey Down The Rabbit Hole

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation. Embrace the darkness. 1-800-601-6975

I’m sure some of you are familiar with sensory deprivation, blindfold domination or blindfold fetishes. There is something that makes people both scared and horny, about losing their sight; losing control of what – for some – is one of your most important senses. There’s even a company that makes blackout contact lenses which leave you completely blind when worn, as they block your sclera. Now some may not be daring enough to try “blind lenses” and a good old fashioned scarf or blindfold will do the trick. But what if your other senses were altered, and in addition to not being able to see, you couldn’t hear, either?

Sensory Deprivation – Taking You To The Edge

Imagine if you will, that you’re in a dark room. And the reason the room is dark is because you’ve been denied your sense of sight. You know someone is in the room with you, but you have no idea where they are in the room, or what they’re doing. All of the sudden, a pair of earmuffs are placed over your ears. Now you can neither see, nor hear, and things are about to get interesting. You may feel a sense of panic. What if there are other people in the room? What if your mistress left and you’re alone? And while you can’t see or hear, you also have no idea what’s about to happen to you. Maybe you’ll end up giving a stranger a blow job; maybe she will make you masturbate and publicly humiliate yourself for an audience you don’t know is there.

The Many Mindfuck Possibilites

I love playing with the idea of taking away one or two of your senses, leaving you helpless to even a clue of what’s going on around you. They say that when you lose one or more of your senses, your other senses become stronger. So just imagine that while blindfolded and earmuffed, your sense of touch is heightened, so is your sense of taste and smell, and that makes the experience much more intense doesn’t it? A very intense mindfuck, when you’re being teased, and tormented by a mistress. Does the the thought of a dominant woman taking away your ability to see and hear turn you on? I’d love to chat with you about your blinfold and sensory deprivation fetish.

London Calling

London Calling

London Calling – Mistress Brighton is headed to the UK 1-800-601-6975

I meant to have this blog done LAST week, but that didn’t happen, so here it is. Do you remember on my last blog post, that I mentioned there was another reason I was so giddy and loopy last week? If you missed it, you can check it out on my sploshing phone sex blog. But not to worry, I won’t keep you in suspe- what? No no no it’s not a chewbacca mask. Although I wouldn’t mind owning one of those. My reason for being so giddy is that I’m going to London! In two days!

London Calling – The Saga Continues

Last month I met this really hot brit – remember the coachella dreaming post? Yes, THAT guy. He and I got into some trouble, although it was the good kind of trouble, like making so much noise while you’re having sex that you wake the couple in the next room. Or just nearly getting caught having sex in a hot tub. Well he and I kept in touch, and as it turns out, I had this trip planned a couple of months ago – before I met him – and as luck would have it, he lives in London, and we’ll be meeting up when I get there. I have the sneaking suspicion sleep is not going to be on the menu…

Wanderlust Will Lead You

Now keep in mind I’ve NEVER been to London. I’ve been to Dublin and Belfast, but I didn’t quite make it across the pond. So I’m very excited, I have an idea of what I want to do when I get there, and I’m going to see a play that’s currently running in the west end. Gaaaaahhhhh so excited! So really this blog entry is a heads up, that if you want to talk to me you have until midnight on May 30th (technically midnight May 31st)  to do so. I will be back the following week on June 7th. And honestly the other reason I’m happy about this trip, is because it is NEEDED for the sake of my sanity. I like to travel and get a change of scenery, and if I had my way I’d probably travel 4 or 5 times a year. But while I’m gone I don’t want you to be sad, the mistresses of LDW will take good care of you until I get back. If you need or are looking for a mistress to call, I would recommend you check out the masturbation may blog train, and you can select a mistress directly from there if you like. You know the drill, call 1-800-601-6975 to talk to your favorite mistress. With that said, Happy Sunday, and if I don’t speak to you before I leave, I’ll be back after the 7th to tell you all about my shenanigans. And yes this blog post was inspired by The Clash song, also titled: London Calling.

Love and kisses,

Mistress Brighton

My First Vibrator: Vibrating Rabbits And Other Fables

My First Vibrator

My first vibrator was a very special purchase, and an even more exciting experience! 1-800-601-6975

If you remember my last Masturbation May post, I talked about the sounds of orgasm, and briefly mentioned my very first orgasm experience. But I don’t think I’ve ever told the story of my very first vibrator!

My First Vibrator – And First Sex Toy Party

I had always heard from other women who hosted these “ladies night” sex toy parties, that they were fun, but up until one of my girlfriends hosted her own, I had never had the pleasure of attending one. Boy was I in for an eye opening experience! We had cocktails, food, and friends, and I was the only sex toy party first timer. Now it’s also important to mention, that I had never used, or purchased a sex toy before. Sure I had heard about them, but I was a little naive as to why women liked them so much, as I had always just gotten by with my hand…. or my pillow. *giggle*

Vibrating Rabbits? Do They Hop Too?!

My introduction to “the rabbit” vibrator came by way of sex and the city, the episode where Charlotte gets a rabbit vibe and becomes addicted to it. While I thought that was all amusing, I didn’t really understand WHY a vibrator would be so addicting and possibly problematic for a young – sexually adventurous woman who likes to masturbate. Until of course I bought one at the party – after deciding “what the heck, I’ll try it!”  So after seeing the demonstration and making my purchase, I took my brand new rabbit home. And since I was feeling a little frisky and had the house to myself, I also decided to give the vibrating rabbit its first run. And WOW! First off: I didn’t realize how powerful that vibrating nub was. And for you ladies: if you’re like me, and have a very sensitive clit, then you already know that it didn’t take long for me to climax.  What I have not told you, though, is that I screamed really loud when I came.

Which is how I met my boyfriend. *smirk*

I’m sure you all wanna know the rest of that juicy story, and since it’s masturbation may, I’m feeling generous and I’ll be happy to tell you! Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Hope you’ve been enjoying masturbation may so far, talk soon!

Masturbation May Blog Train

All aboard the Masturbation May Blog Train! 1-800-601-6975

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Two In The Bush – 2 Mistress Calls

2 Mistress Calls with Alyssa & Brighton 1-800-601-6975

I have to say, me and Alyssa have been having a lot of fun lately, doing 2 mistress calls. For some strange reason, no matter what has happened this month, we seem to be getting paired up ever since Masturbation May started, and I’m certainly . . . → Read More: Two In The Bush – 2 Mistress Calls

Masturbation May – The Sounds Of Orgasm

Masturbation May is here!Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

You may have noticed that we’re promoting masturbation may, and as such there will be a series of masturbation related blog posts from the mistresses of LDW. Princess Andi kicked us off with her masturbation post and she really got me thinking about one of my favorite activities, . . . → Read More: Masturbation May – The Sounds Of Orgasm

Coachella Vacation Sex – I Wanna F@#$ You Like An…

Coachella Vacation Sex. 1-800-601-6975

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Coachella Dreaming

Coachella takes place very close to Joshua Tree! I might have to visit.

Mistress Brighton Does Coachella 1-800-601-6975

Why is Ms. Brighton dreaming of Coachella? Well, that’s easy my darlings. April is a special time of year for me, and not just because of spring and the change in weather. April is . . . → Read More: Coachella Dreaming