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Phone Sex Meditation – Trance Masturbation

phone sex meditation

Miss Brighton takes you down the rabbit hole with phone sex meditation. 1-800-601-6975

Sometimes when a femdom slave is being trained, they may come across obstacles. Blockages in their subconscious that keep them from reaching maximum potential as a submissive. And when these blockages occur, it is necessary to delve deeper into that subconscious, to bypass the part of their psyche, that is a saboteur. And the best way to reach deep into the darkness of a slaves mind, is through phone sex meditation.

Phone Sex Meditation

While phone sex meditation has many different names – erotic meditation, trance masturbation, guided meditation, mind conditioning –  the objective is the same. Meditation in every day life can be used as a stress relief tool, and for mental clarity. But with phone sex meditation, the goal is to condition the submissive to obey, and follow directions. And maybe  in the case of trance masturbation, the goal is to have a mind blowing orgasm, that the caller wouldn’t otherwise have on his own.

Mental Conditioning

Are you interested in cum eating, but constantly punk out? Do you want certain triggers activate – say – whenever you see a pair of pink panties, or feel the silky touch of satin sheets? Or maybe you’re interested in meditation for orgasm control. Phone sex meditation can be used for many different aspects of femdom, and any fantasy. Even if you simply want to go into a deep trance, spray your load all over your chest, and then wake up energized. It’s all about control, and surrender. Want to know more? Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. I look forward to taking you deeper, and getting inside your head.

Oral Sex Teasing – Dick Sucking Denial

oral sex teasing

Miss Brighton shows you what oral sex teasing is all about. 1-800-601-6975

Some may see sucking dick as a form of submission, and it CAN be, but I disagree that a woman sucking cock is submissive. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite forms of controlling a man via orgasm denial phone sex. Because if I take my mouth off your cock and deny you, then you’ve just been dominated by that sweet mouth of mine, and I’ve just introduced you to oral sex teasing.

Oral Sex Teasing – Orgasm Denial Torment

Just imagine if you will, that you’ve been begging and begging for some head. Your wife finally agrees, only before you climax, she stops, locking eyes with you as she takes your aching cock out of her mouth. When you whine about how you didn’t cum yet, she tells you “sorry honey, you asked me to give you head. You didn’t say you wanted to cum.” Then she cackles in amusement at the horror struck look on your face, and walks away. Boom! You’ve just been owned, sucka! Femdom orgasm denial can be anything really. I could strip naked and touch my pussy while you watch, with no promise of anything further. I could give you the worlds greatest handjob, and then stop right before you shoot. I could bounce my sweet pussy up and down on your cock until you’re about to explode… and then get up and leave you with blue balls and nary a warning. The same goes for oral sex teasing. Just because a woman is sucking your dick, doesn’t mean you’re running the show, at all.

Oral Sex Teasing As A Form Of Control

Think about how horny, frustrated, and obedient you would be if you were denied an orgasm for months and months, and your mistress teased you with her mouth. Letting you think you were getting something, when in reality she was mind fucking you in the best way. Now you not only crave her mouth, but you want to cum so badly, don’t you? Still think sucking dick is a submissive art form? You might change your tune after some oral sex teasing and a life time of chastity.

I’ll Suck A Dick If I Want To – Oral Sex Mistress

oral sex

Mistress Brighton loves oral sex and sucking cock! 1-800-601-6975

Let me make something abundantly clear: I am a mistress, who loves getting head. But it also turns me on to GIVE head, if I am so inclined. Not every mistress is going to be open to performing oral sex, and that will depend solely on personal preference, and what kind of domme they are. Speaking for myself, yes.. I love humiliation, pussy worship and the like, but every once in a while, I feel like sucking a dick.

Oral Sex For The Deserving

So what is the criteria for Ms. Brighton sucking a cock? For me, oral sex is a turn on. There is power in taking your lovers cock into your mouth and giving him pleasure. Furthermore I do not see a dominant woman sucking cock as a sign of submission, no. For me it’s all about power. Because when that cock is in my mouth, I’ve got my lovers full attention, and it is me who decides whether he’s going to cum or not. Of course there are other reasons I might want to suck that dick. Like the fact that my boyfriend is hung and I love the feel of his heavy cock against my lips. And he’s skilled with all his appendages, and knows how to please his mistress.. not to mention he loves body worship, and using his lips and tongue to service every inch of my body.

Tiny Dick Losers Need Not Apply

Now I feel it is my duty to mention, that I will NOT suck your cock if you have an angry inch. LOL! Sorry! Tiny penises are for small penis humiliation, and not for sucking. I mean if your wiener is so small that you’d have to pay someone to even attempt to put it in their mouth, there’s no deal. These soft sensuous lips, were made for winning cocks. And when I say winning, I do mean big. You’ve got to be THIIIIS tall, to ride this ride! Now if you are a well endowed male who enjoys a little give an take, gold star for you! Either way, just know that if your mistress tells you she enjoys sucking cock, it’s because she is in charge of her sexuality, and her definition of dominant.

The Box – A Tale Of Sensory Deprivation

sensory deprivation

Explore sensory deprivation with Miss Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

Your head is in a box. The noise cancellation ear plugs secured. Similar to being blindfolded, you cannot see, nor can you hear. But you can feel… Have you ever experienced the deep, all consuming sub-space of sensory deprivation? It is an exquisite loss of all control, where you cannot hear or see. You don’t know who is in the room with you, or isn’t, but in this particular example, you are bound, and even better you’re being fucked. But by whom?

Sensory Deprivation And Strap-on Fem Domme

Imagine if you will, that in addition to having your ears plugged, and your head stuffed into a ventilated – light proof box, you are also bound with your legs spread eagled, and surprise! You’re the party favor for an unknown, unseen amount of Mistresses. Each of them fully equipped with their own strapon. You don’t know who is fucking you at any given time, but you can feel each time a girthy girl cock fills your ass.

But Is It Only Women?

Except here’s the plot twist:  There are definitely women fucking you, right? But what if some of those cocks that are filling your ass belong to other male slaves who have been ordered to stuff your fuck hole? You think you’re being fucked by women and women only. But when it’s all over, you’re not sure if that’s lube dripping from your man pussy, or another man’s cum, as you recover from extreme humiliation, and the ache of a thousand penises. Do you want to know who fucked you? 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach me, just ask for Brighton.

Happy Halloween From Brighton & Andi

Halloween Phone Sex

Brighton & Andi are wishing you a Happy Halloween! 1-800-601-6975

Hi there! Before I left for Florida, I had the pleasure of sitting on Andi’s face- I mean sitting down with Andi and having a chat about all things Halloween. As you know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love to celebrate Samhain, with drinks, sweets, good food…. nakedness… SEX, turning men into Sissy Stepford Wives. But we’re getting slightly off the subject here.

What Is Andi’s Favorite Thing About Halloween?

During our little chat, I asked Andi the really important questions. Like what’s her favorite thing about Halloween, favorite candy, favorite thing to do WITH the candy, advice for being safe on the 31st, and she had some very funny, and informative answers. On top of just being her sexy, comical self that I do adore.

What’s Miss Brighton’s Favorite Halloween Candy?

*giggle* The answer might not surprise you, but I certainly don’t mind sharing what my favorite candy is, and why.  So would you like to know what me and Princess Andi talked about? Well you’re in luck, because I’m posting the audio right here on my blog. Just click the audio link and listen in to our caring, sharing, and naughty giggle fest! Like what you hear? Leave me a comment, and of course, give us a call (you might want to get Andi’s permission FIRST.. hehehehe..) at 1-800-601-6975. Happy Halloween!

Two Blondes A Brunette And A Redhead Board A Cruise Ship – Adventures At Sea

Adventures at sea with Mistress Brighton. 1-800-601-6975

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Femdom Adventures – The Traveling Mistress Takes On Florida!

Mistress Brighton is having more femdom adventures in Florida next week! 1-800-601-6975

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Alien Goddess – By Nacho Joe

What becomes of the naughty human when he encounters an alien goddess? 1-800-601-6975

Walking along a trail in the woods late one night.  No one is around.  It’s a peaceful night.  The air is starting to cool as

Miss Brighton wants to explore your sci fi phone sex fantasies. 1-800-601-6975

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A Word On Instant Messaging – From Mistress Brighton

Instant Messaging Made Easy with Mistress Brighton! 1-800-601-6975

Hi all! I realize that with the implementing of the new yahoo web messenger, and them doing away with the old desktop version, it has created a bit of a problem in regards to how to keep in contact with me and other mistresses. I . . . → Read More: A Word On Instant Messaging – From Mistress Brighton

The Latest And Greatest – Updates From Mistress Brighton

Mistress Brighton fills you in with her latest guest blog updates! 1-800-601-6975

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