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Mistress After Care – Dommes Need It Too

mistress after care

Mistress After Care with Goddess Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Hello gang! I thought I’d do a blog about Mistress after care, because while we do care about the needs and emotional/mental state of subs, I don’t see enough written about the toll being in control for long periods of time, takes on the Dominant. So why don’t we have a chat about how to be a good sub, and make sure your Domme is properly taken care of before, during, and after a scene. Also make sure you listen to the audio, for a very personal message from me. *smiles*

Mistress After Care – Don’t Be Selfish

I have noticed, that it is a common occurrence for many subs to forget their place, and be overly demanding of a Domme, when they want attention. Not only is this extremely selfish, but it’s disrespectful to impose on a Dominants personal space or time, or to make demands of one. Not to mention topping from the bottom. It is very unrealistic to expect your Domme to have nothing better to do than talk to you or cater to your fantasies all day long. Like you, they have a life outside of the D/s dynamic, and other obligations. I can tell you first hand that I’ve seen subs throw full on tantrums when they didn’t get whatever attention they felt entitled to. That’s not cool, and it’s also a fabulous way to push someone away from you, causing your Domme to be even more distant, if you are not respecting their personal space.

Ask Questions And Find Out What They Need

Sure, you might want your Domme to spank you, fuck you with a spiked dildo, but are they ready to do that, and are you catering to their needs or only your own? Scenes can be mentally and emotionally exhausting for both parties, as is constantly being in control, so even something as simple as asking if they need a glass of water, or to take a little break, can be considerate, and remembering to be compassionate and that a Dominant is a person just like you. Please respect their time, and if they say “NO” respect that no also means no for a Domme. It does not mean “keep badgering me until I say yes.” Even a constant unending wall of texts and emails can be overwhelming for a Mistress, and cause her to shut down and stop responding. Especially if your Dominant has other subs she does sessions with. A wall of texts and non stop messaging her is going to do the opposite of getting her to respond. So please, respect your Mistress’ time, and her boundaries. Messaging to check up on your Mistress is fine, but make sure you’re not spamming her or making demands of her. Make sure you are taking care of YOUR Mistress, and give her time for personal space and energy clearing.

Make sure both Domme and sub are taking care of their mental health, too. We often get so wrapped up in everything that’s going on that we forget to take a breather. My personal tips for my fellow Mistresses in regard to Mistress After Care: DO A DIGITAL CLEANSE. Turn the phone off, turn the pc off, get out of the house, or take a spa day, or even a nice relaxing bath. Let your subs know you’re taking a break and WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE for any communications during this time, and STICK TO IT. If you put your foot down (and not necessarily on their necks), they have to respect your wishes. And if a sub continues attempting to contact you or talk to you during your down time, then that sub doesn’t respect you and perhaps they need to be cut loose.

Tips for subs: If you see your Mistress is either away, on a call, or has a status that clearly implies she is unavailable, respect it. Leaving one simple “hello” or a quick inquiry is fine; frantic strings of messages is not so fine. Unless your house is on fire, in which case you need to be contacting 911, not your Mistress. If she’s not available then honestly go do something else for a while, or work something out where you have a directive to follow in the event that your Mistress is not available to attend to you. That’s way better than your Mistress coming back to 50 unanswered frantic messages, that were probably not nearly as important as YOU thought they were.

I know, I’ve got a knack for being blunt. This is a pet peeve of mine, and I want subs to understand that respect, boundaries, and personal space, are healthy parts of any D/s relationship and they go both ways. As does communication. With that said, once boundaries and respect are established, HAVE FUN!!! Get your Femdom fix and make sure you are boosting your Mistress’ energy, not draining it. Ready to party? 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach Brighton, or any of the Cock Control Mistresses if I’m not available. While we chat we can talk about Mistress after care, and your after care, too.


Mistress Brighton

Erotic Meditation – Mind Control With A Femdom

erotic meditation

Erotic Meditation and mind control with Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

Erotic meditation is defined as the practice of meditation used for sexual purposes, and it’s called “erotic” for a reason. Not to be confused with the more spiritual or therapeutic forms of meditation – although sexual or tantric meditation can be very healing and good for the energy stores – many like to use erotic meditation as a form of recreational trance meditation. For a Femdom, it’s a form of mind control, designed to program a subject to suit her own desires.

Erotic Meditation

I’ve had many sensual trance masturbation sessions, where the deeper my subject went, the more needy, horny, and willing they were to please their Mistress. I like the use of triggers, such as those that elicit a physical, emotional, mental response in a submissive – and one that is so subtle, they don’t even realize what’s happening. Erotic meditation works best on those who are truly submissive on some level and have a willingness to surrender control. And trance is one of the most intimate ways to surrender your senses, body, mind, and spirit.

erotic meditation

Mind Control Meditation

There are also times when triggers can be implanted to control your subject. Imagine if you will – being home alone, or out and about, and suddenly seeing or hearing a “word” that compels you to touch yourself. Imagine if you were a submissive that enjoyed humiliation, suddenly touching and caressing yourself, in front of other adults, where you are their entertainment and have no control over your actions? Mind control and erotic meditation for consensual enjoyment can be quite titillating to watch unfold, especially when the subject doesn’t remember being programmed. Into erotic meditation and trance? Call Goddess Brighton at 1-800-601-6975 and let’s discuss your future as my mindless pleasure drone.

FUCK OFF!!!!!!!

Goddess Brighton

Blasphemy And Buttplugs – How Do I Dephile Churchmouse? Let Me Count The Ways

blasphemy and buttplugs

Goddess Brighton gives you a dose of blasphemy and buttplugs. 1-800-601-6975

There is never a dull moment when church mouse is around because I get to push his buttons, and his limits, and as stated before, churchmouse is a good little slut bunny that enjoys performing for Mistress. His latest challenge: blasphemy and buttplugs. I’ve encouraged the whore to begin anal training, and I am often having him stick things up his ass when he’s not fucking food or eating his own cum.

Blasphemy And Buttplugs

For those who don’t know, churchmouse has a very tight asshole. I know this for a fact because I’ve watched him grunt, pant, and make the most hilarious facial expressions when I command him to stick things in it. The first item was a sharpie marker; another time was a toilet brush handle. This go-round he has agreed to use a buttplug for our next session, and I can’t wait. I hope the whore’s been practicing because failure is not an option.

Anal Training With Blasphemy

I haven’t figured out what exactly I’m going to do with the eager cum eating fuck bunny, but I was thinking making him wear a nun habit and his usual denouncing god and licking the jizz covered pages of a bible are definitely part of the plan. After all, he no longer worships false idols, he has accepted Goddess Brighton as his personal Lordess and savior, and I have implanted the seeds of depravity as part of his training, like making him think of his nose buried in my perfect asshole, when he’s sitting in Sunday service listening to the “good word.” Did I mention the buttfucker is carrying my demon spawn? *evil laugh* I will continue to push him to the very limits of morality, because he loves it, and he has been a devoted little twat.  Think you can handle buttplug training and blasphemy? Call me! 1-800-601-6975 is where you can reach the dark Lordess of Shenanigans. I look forward to making you hate yourself when you look in the mirror.



Goddess Brighton

Steak And Blow Job Day – Cuckold Style

steak and blow job day

Mistress Brighton celebrates steak and blow job day with a cuckold. 1-800-601-6975

Oh, that’s right, a month after Valentine’s Day, comes steak and blow job day. Where lucky men get a nice steak dinner and the women who love them take it in the face. Well…this year me and the boy toy are celebrating steak and BJ day, and since boy toy gets pussy privileges, he’s getting a blow job…and then I’m going to fuck one of my studs, and the boy toy is going to give HIM a blow job while I sit on his face.

Cuckolded Steak And Blow Job

One of the perks of having a big dick cuckold, is that you actually want to fuck him, and he’s so willing to please. Having a well-hung cuckold boyfriend who likes to suck cock for me is like a dream come true, being a cuckoldress. It is very pleasurable for me as a visual person, to see a man with a big cock, on his knees sucking another man off for me, while I reap all the benefits of receiving pleasure from both men!

Protein All Around

With steak and a blow job day, everybody wins. The boy toy gets a nice steak dinner, of course, I do too, and then I get two more big tube steaks, and THEN he gets cummies! Great for cum eating and sperm production. Did you celebrate steak and a BJ day with someone you love? If your wife or girlfriend is dominant like I am, why not reward HER for steak and blow job day by sucking a big fat cock! And if you’d like to tell me about your cocksucking March 14th festivities, call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton. Ta Ta For Now!!!!



Mistress Brighton

Virtual Whore School – Mistress Harper & Mistress Delia Host A Tour Of Enchantrix

Virtual Whore School

Mistress Harper and Mistress Delia host a special Virtual Whore School show on Cock Radio.

And all my besties with breasties are gonna be there!!!!! I’m so excited and pleased to announce that my fellow Goddesses, the beautiful Mistress Harper and the lovely Mistress Delia are joining forces to give you a tour of Enchantrix Empire’s virtual sim. I know you don’t want to miss a chatroom full of Enchantrix Mistresses – yes that includes our newest additions, Duchess Willow and Goddess Bethany – for Virtual Whore School!

Virtual Whore School On Cock Radio

I am absolutely gushing at all the amazingly strong, intelligent women that have joined us in world, and who have helped make our virtual sim a success. So to spread the word across LDW and Enchantrix Empire, Mistress Harper is hosting a special Whore School event, with special guest Mistress Delia! We’ll be giving you a tour of Enchantrix Empire, and helping to clear up some of the confusion as to who and what virtual Enchantrix Empire is.  I’m in the process of redecorating my house, but trust that once you see the new club, and all the things you can do virtually, you will have a strong desire to be a part of the fun. And I certainly hope you do!

Virtual Whore School Enchantrix Tour

Now if you’re already in the virtual world with us, please feel free to visit us on Sunday, March 11, at 11 pm on Cock Radio, to be a part of the tour. I will need volunteers to practice my craft on. We will be showcasing different parts of the sim that are available for sessions and for your 3D enjoyment. Oh… by craft, I mean human furniture, the forniphilia fetish specifically.  Would you like to be showcased as Miss Brighton’s personal seat? You do?? Here’s what you need to do: Click here to sign up for a free account, pick out a free avatar, and download the software… also free! Once you do that, contact me or any of the Enchantrix Virtual Mistresses, to get your settings situated, and activate all the NAUGHTY settings that will let us play with you! Be there or be square, and as always…



Mistress Brighton


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